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Spa day has arrived: 4 luxurious spas to relax in

spa day

Spa day has arrived: 4 luxury spas to relax in ⇒ Spa design isn’t that easy. It should create a calm, relaxing ambiance harmoniously. Get to know four marvelous spas.

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Spa day? Of course. When we go to a spa, never occurs to us the challenge that interior designers and architects went through. The exterior gives the interior the peace needed. So its design should be functional, aesthetic, and needs a working layout. Discover here four luxurious spas well designed that proportionate the perfect spa day.

#4 Zensa Spa

spa day
Courtesy of the Studio City

The Zenza Spa is located in the Studio City Macau, on the third floor of the Star Tower. It has an Old Hollywood vibe that enhances its glamorous aesthetic. This spa is decorated with neutral tones, gold accents, and wooden floors. What a spa day it would be here.

#3 La Mamounia spa

spa day
Courtesy of the La Mamounia

La Mamounia Spa is in Marrakech and it’s one of the best spas in Morocco. The giant pool it’s the big highlight of the facilities, apart from the remarkable patterned tiles and its typical architecture.

#2 Mandarin Oriental Spa

spa day

The Mandarin Oriental Spa is located in Guangzhou, China. It was considered in 2018 one of the most luxurious spas in the world. The Balinese decor gives a different yet modern aesthetic to the area.

#1 The Ritz Club Paris Spa

spa day
Courtesy of Ritz Paris

Imagine a spa day in this luxurious spa hotel. The Ritz Paris in Place Vendôme it’s known for being the first official Chanel Spa. The neoclassic interior pool design creates a luxury and classy aesthetic. This spa offers Chanel exclusive skincare treatments, massages. The Ritz Paris even has the Coco Suite, for those who desire a full Chanel experience.

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Luxxu’s choice for a luxurious spa design

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The McQueen Round Suspension by Luxxu is a perfect piece for a hotel spa. Golden accents brighten up neutral color schemes and create a glamorous ambiance. Its beautiful design is a representation of contemporary luxury. Each sheet is made of hammered brass with gold plated ending and a rhythmic luminosity of the Swarovski crystals. The perfect lighting for a soothing environment in a peaceful spa day.

spa day

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spa day

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