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Luxury guide: experiences to enjoy in Sri Lanka

The tear-drop shaped island in the Indian ocean-Sri Lanka has seen an upsurge in luxury travel and emerge to be a new luxury travel destination. Today we present you the experiences in Sri Lank that you can’t miss!


A very royal stay 

You should enjoy a world class luxury stay in ultimate Sri Lankan ambience. Opulent accommodations with breathtaking views of beaches, mountains and landscapes will definitely add unforgettable memories to your trip in Sri Lanka. A range of luxury accommodation such as imperial hotels, exclusive resorts and delightful villas are common near almost every attraction in Sri Lanka. You can experience, for example, Mr. and Mrs. Smith Hotel. You won’t regret!

Relax in a luxury SPA

Find your inner peace while enjoying  ripples of water in a tub full of water lilies. Luxury spa treatments are done with 100% organic Ayurvedic products embracing the most trending spa techniques. This is something you should not miss if you are willing to catch the complete luxury experience in Sri Lanka.

experiences to enjoy in Sri Lanka spa

Luxury yacht experience

Enjoy a private trip along the beautiful coastal belt arround Sri Lanka.Go fishing, snorkeling, whale and dolphin watching while enjoying a liveabroad experience in a luxury yacht. Spend hours gazing at the choppy blue waves enjoying the refreshing wind and thesoothing sea breeze.Guests can stopover the sailing yachts in picturesque places and go swimming.

Infinity Pools

Swimming pools are one of the main attraction of luxury hotels -especially edge designed pools with breathtaking views. In Sri Lanka, you’ll find amazing infinity pools with jaw-dropping scenery.

Luxury train experience

Love old steam trains? The luxury train trips operated across Sri Lanka enriched in comfort and class are perfect getaways to witness the beauty of the country. These trains are another best way to relax and enjoy your way to your destination while catching amazing views passed by.

Floating restaurant

Who look for an amazing and odd place to throw your party? How about a floating restaurant? This luxury experience floats in Beira lake, Colombo offering the most wonderful settings from a banquet to a cocktail party.

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