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Luxury Lighting: find Marriott Constantine Hotel

Today we invite you to take a look at  the tunning Marriot Constantine Hotel, a Luxury 5 star hotel in Constantine, the City of Bridges. Take a look and allow yourself to dream!

Luxury Lighting find Marriott Constantine Hotel

Two projectors with a sober and neat design, had the task of highlighting the vast façades with their grazing light, creating a play of light and dark with the architectural protrusions and recesses, and the rounded shapes of horseshoe-arched windows.

Luxury Lighting find Marriott Constantine Hotel outdoor

Moreover, outdoor projectors were customized to allow a bi-emission of light upwards and downwards the external façades. In order to further enhance this project, another luminaire with an extremely clean and minimal design was added to the previous ones: an architectural wall luminaire. And the final result is completely amazing!

Luxury Lighting find Marriott Constantine Hotel outdoor view

The interior of the majestic and stunning vault, which surmounts the comfortable common areas, was highlighted by a linear modular luminaire with a powerful light flux, able to create a wash effect on walls; in this situation, a customized Dali-controlled version was installed. In addition, thanks to the discreet yet efficient presence of a minimal square downlight, plaster ceiling recessed, with a minimal visual impact – common areas could take advantage of a total integration of the lighting device with the surrounding architecture. It’s really impressive and it’s a smart solution, don’t you think?

Luxury Lighting find Marriott Constantine Hotel outdoor overview

What do you think about this stunning hotel?

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