Take a look at the renovated luxury palazzo Fendi in Rome

Now there is a unique chance not to just shop at Fendi, but to step into its world. The exquisite brand has opened 7 exclusive Private Suites, the seventeenth-century residence that showcases its exquisite design. The renovated Luxury Palazzo Fendi in Rome is now a new paradise for shoppers as it includes not only a luxury boutique but also a seven suite luxury hotel complete with a rooftop restaurant.

“It’s a unique mix of incredible craftsmanship and uber luxury materials and uber luxury positioning combined with an irresistible dose of fun,” said Beccari CEO.

Guiding the architecture and design of the Private Suites was an aesthetic of strong contrasts, surprising juxtapositions, artisanship and art. Here you’ll find the classic visual language of the exquisite brand, combining graphic rigor with imaginative freedom, history, tradition and modernity.

Take a look at the renovated luxury palazzo Fendi in Rome flagship

The result is an elegant dialogue between old and new, starting with the layout of the apartments, which balances the beauty of the original structure with new and innovative uses of the space.

“We are making a statement about what we like and what is our sense of aesthetic and everybody can come in and like it or not,” said Beccari, “It is not just selling products it is about our sense of aesthetic.”

As well as shopping, this noble haute couture residence in the heart of Rome offers unparalleled accommodation. Here you’ll enjoy a sense of history and the tradition of aristocratic Roman elegance, combined with breathtakingly intelligent juxtapositions of contemporary design.

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