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Best Summer 2019 Interior Design Trends

Summer 2019 interior design trends are stunning! Natural elements and vibrant colors complemented with gold accents and details. Take a look at our list below.

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With the beginning of a new season come new trends. With Summer especially comes a need to refresh the home and make it summer-ready!

From color trends to styles and elements inspired by nature you will find all you need o know about luxury interior design trends.

Take a look ay the hottest home decor trends you need to know all about for Summer 2019!

Art Deco

Best Summer 2019 Interior Design Trends 01

Art Deco was born in the 1910s and popularized in the 1920s. However, it’s still wildly popular nowadays, among architecture and design aficionados. And it’s also one of the biggest trends in the world of interior design for 2019.  This lounge by Brabbu and LUXXU is the perfect example of how to turn this concept into a modern room!

Nature Inspired

Best Summer 2019 Interior Design Trends 02

This might be THE trend for 2019! Nature inspired décor, from flower patterns to incorporating plants as a part of décor and greens inspired by mother nature’s colors. What best way to incorporate this trend than to match green sofas with a chandelier made of brass leaves? The tree stump center table is by Boca do Lobo. Discover more about the McQueen chandelier here.

Living Coral

Best Summer 2019 Interior Design Trends 03

As the Pantone Color of the year and a color that was made for summer, it’s definitely one of the biggest trends for this season! It’s also a great color for children’s bedrooms and you can even follow the living coral theme literally and make it an ocean-inspired bedroom with this stunning bed from Circu! Find out more about the Guggenheim Chandelier here.


Best Summer 2019 Interior Design Trends 04

Sleek lines, woods, yellows, and oranges are just a few of the elements that make mid-century design perfect for Summer! Also incredibly trendy it seems like it won’t go out of style anytime soon! The Crackle mirror fits perfectly in this living room with Delightfull and Essential Home.

Jewel Tones

Best Summer 2019 Interior Design Trends 05

Jewel tones have been in style for the past years and it seems like they are still going strong. Deep purples, emerald greens, rich blues, and deep reds are the tones you want to go for. For the ultimate luxury design match any of these tones with gold.
Discover more about the stunning Empire Side Table.

Mustard Yellow

Best Summer 2019 Interior Design Trends 06

Mustard Yellow is another color that is seeing the spotlight in the summer 2019 interior design trends. Used in small accents or in bigger items such as these armchairs by Brabby it’s a color you can’t go wrong with this season! The Darian Gold Mirror compliments these armchairs perfectly!

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