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Top 2019 Interior Design Trends

Top 2019 Interior Design Trends 03

A new year has started! And with it, many new trends have arrived into the scene, Here are the top 2019 interior design trends.

When a new year arrives everything sort of goes into a reboot, our personal plans, our aspirations, and our goals. Meanwhile, the world presents a bunch of new opportunities, with new trends emerging in all areas, from fashion to interior design.

With Maison et Objet Paris only a few weeks away trends in the interior design are getting more defined for the year that jas just started! Plus, if you’ve made any resolutions that include some sort of interior design, you’ll want to know all the trends that are lining up this year!


Top 2019 Interior Design Trends 01

Florals have been around for a while, but this year this pattern will be really on trend. Use it on walls and textiles for a romantic touch to any room.

Round and Curved Furniture

Top 2019 Interior Design Trends 02

Round and curved furniture is definitely in. Shapes that flow naturally will be a big trend in this upcoming year. Inspired both by nature and the shapes of the 1970s. Bring it to your home by selecting a round armchair as the Otto.

Living Coral

Top 2019 Interior Design Trends 03

The color of the year had to be of course have to me one of the main 2019 trends. It’s expected to be seen a lot in the interior design world this year!

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Top 2019 Interior Design Trends 04

Green is a wonderful color to decorate with. It goes great with neutrals and metallics, especially with golden. This year the richer the tone the better, so go for jewel tones and deep greens.

Mixed Everything

Top 2019 Interior Design Trends 05

Mixed metallics is a trend that has been around for a while. This year the trend will expand to mixing textures and fabrics with velvet sofas contrasting with wool pillows.

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source: elledecor.com and apartmenttherapy.com