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Take a Look at These Trendy Luxury Watches

Take a Look at These Trendy Luxury Watches 01

The trendiest luxury watches this season has to offer are not what you’d expect. Take a look!

The world of luxury watches is so wildly immersive! We could just scroll for hours to look at the latest models from the top watch brands that we admire so much.

Today, however, we are not bringing you timeless models, but rather this season’s most unique, bold and trendy watches that will surprise you for the looks as much as the features!

Vacheron Constantin – Métiers d’Art les Aérostiers

Take a Look at These Trendy Luxury Watches 02

This 18K gold watch is priced at $135,000. Inspired by hot air ballooning pioneers, called aérotiers in Frech, this limited edition watch is available in 5 different colors and thanks to its unique design we can see some of the gear movement.

Bulgari –  Divas’ Dream Phoenix TourbillonTake a Look at These Trendy Luxury Watches 03

This 18k rose gold watch with a legendary crimson bird that is reborn after being consumed by flames is definitely one of the most adorned watches we’ve ever seen. With a new and fascinating mechanism, there are only 50 pieces of this splendid creation topped with diamonds.

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Jaeger-LeCoultre – Master Gyrotourbillon 1

Take a Look at These Trendy Luxury Watches 04

The first version of this luxury watch was released in 2004. Now, 14 years later, the brand is releasing a new model, that offers much more than just a multi-axis tourbilon. The brand has also managed to incorporate a perpetual calendar and all in a perfectly balanced timepiece.

Hermès – Arceau Mythiques Phoenix Coloriages

Take a Look at These Trendy Luxury Watches 05

This unique watch by Hèrmes, featuring a phoenix, which are obviously very on trend right now is a refreshing pop of color in the luxury brand‘s watch collection, it’s available in two different colors.

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