7 Unique Russian Architecture Buildings

7 Unique Russian Architecture Buildings 01

7 Unique Russian Architecture BuildingsRussian architecture, full of distinctive details, is one of the most unique architectures in the world. Take a look.


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The roots of Russian architecture are deeply connected to the country’s past and one can learn a lot about Russian history just by observing and contemplating the most iconic buildings.

However, this unique style of architecture is still very unknown in the West, with buildings like the Kremlin in Moscow stealing all the attention. An even though the building in the Red Square deserves all that attention, there are many more you should know!


7 Unique Russian Architecture Buildings 02


The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, in Moscow, is the perfect example of elements from Byzantine architecture, as Russian style architecture is associated with both ancient Russia and Byzantine.



One of the most popular materials used in traditional Russian architecture is wood. As one of the country’s most abundant resources, it was very used in construction. Either as the main material or carved and colored to serve decorative purposes.


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The State Historical Museum is also another great building you need to see. Located in Moscow, it’s a great example of the role brickwork plays in Russian Architecture.



This stunning white and blue building is one of the most iconic pieces in Russian architecture. Designed by an Italian architect, who also created the Winter Palace and many other landmarks in St. Petersburg.



This incredible church, the Chuch of the Sign of Our Lay, built back in 1960, northeast of Moscow is not very well known among foreigners, however, it’s only a short trip away from Moscow and totally worth to see!



Resembling the Kremlin, the Stroganov Church located in Novgorod is full of decorative elements in the façade typical of Russian Architecture. The red color is also one of the most distinctive elements.


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This ancient city, the city of Kolomna, founded in 1177, is full of vibrant colors. And even though it has centuries of existence it’s very well preserved and the main square is still full of life.


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