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Living room ideas to receive Summer

Living rooms are a special place that hosts entertainment, chats or just the place where we can spend some quality time. Thus, living rooms should follow the season trends and since summer is coming, it´s time to ready for the hot days! Today we present you the best suggestions!

Summer’s 70’s Inspiration
70´s inspired living rooms have made a comeback this year! With bold colors like blue and orange being considered the hottest to achieve a perfect living room design, and gold and silver accents being featured in the top interior design trends for modern living rooms, the 70´s made a superb comeback! Retro design pieces will be part of the most stylish living rooms, especially with upholstery designs.

Living room ideas to receive Summer 70

 Gold Details
There’s nothing better to bring a new glamour and style at your home than some gold details. On this summer, gold will be everywhere! Gold can be used in the details of the room decoration or in furniture pieces. In fact, his metallic details will give a new light to summer home interiors and will make any living room looks more elegant.

empire-ambiente HD horizontal

New Nautical Style
Every Summer brings the navy blue back, especially combined with white in stripes, but 2016 will bring a new nautical style. Not so much about navy blue and white stripes, this summer these colours will be combined with different patterns, such as flowers and geometrical prints.

Living room ideas to receive Summer nautical

Floral Patterns
This trend isn’t a new one. Every year Summer brings back the flower patterns that adorn modern homes. However this summer, flowers will also be used as a pattern in the upholstery pieces. It can be on sofas or in accent chairs, it all depends on your taste. This summer flowers are one of the main trends!

Living room ideas to receive Summer floral

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