Guide to Luxury Stores In Milan

Guide To Luxury Stores In Milan 01

Luxury stores can be present anywhere in the world, but being Milan one of the capitals of fashion and design, these are the luxury stores in Milan not to miss.

Milan has long been known to be a shopping city, it’s in most people’s travel bucket list to go on a shopping spree in Milan! Take advantage of any upcoming trips to this city, perhaps for iSaloni, or any other events happening during Milan Design Week and indulge in the cliché.

Accompany us on a trip through the most exclusive and luxurious shops in Milan. Find out where the best stores are located and what luxury goods you can find in each of them!

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is Milan’s oldest commercial gallery, designed in the 19th century. It is near the Piazza del Duomo that we can find the most elegant stores of the city, whether fashion, jewelry or even restaurants. Brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton or Gucci are present at this gallery. It is definitely a must-go in Milan!


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Since 1984, Via Brera’s elegant fragrances boutique has been a reference point for all Milanese, who are looking for a unique and refined product. From the freshest to the warmest smells, at Profumo, one of the most exclusive perfumeries in Milan, you can find everything you can imagine or expect, be sure to visit this luxury perfumery.


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It has been a reference point since 1999. Antonia is a shop where avant-garde trends combine the most famous and international brands in the name of an iconic and exclusive fashion ideal. The proposed selection is a perfect blend of inspiration and New York trends, always with a touch of comforting Milanese style. If you are a fashion lover and you care about your outfit, visit the store, and confirm what we told you.


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It is a fine watch and jewelry shop located in Italy with an exceptional space in the heart of Milan. Here they celebrate the beauty and technology expressed in 140 years of history: two floors of luxury that will receive the collections and the most precious creations of the brand. Every detail of the place was designed to tell the style and elegance of Piaget, in a place where shopping is a complete experience, with beauty in the center of it all.


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Founded in 1979, Nilufar has long been recognized as a leader in the design world. Its Milan store, Nilufar Depot, offers a carefully curated collection of pieces by the likes of Giò Ponti, Franco Albini, and Hans Agnes Jakobsson. Designed by Massimiliano Locatelli, the three-story exhibition space offers ample space to display the products of the luxury store.

Was this guide helpful for you to do your shopping? It is essential to shop in one of the fashion and design capitals, so stop by these luxury stores in Milan.

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