Discover More About Tortona Design District

Discover More About Tortona Design District 02

Tortona Design District is one of the liveliest areas of Milan and it will be bustling during Milan Design Week. Learn more about this design district and why you need to visit it.

Milan Design Week 2019 and the annual Fuorisalone returns to Milan for a week full of events, presentations, special projects, and art installations. Today is time to discover more about the Tortona Design District, one of the greatest design districts of them all.

Afterall Tortona is a trendy and bustling area, so during this week dedicated to design you can expect a lot of events everywhere!

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Tortona Design District is one of the trendiest areas in the city of Milan. Year after year, each brand exhibits its products, art or anything else in places around the neighborhood. Places such as workshops, lofts, studios, shops, and even the streets become exhibition areas.

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Even the bars and restaurants of the area become part of the Milan Design Week and Fuorisalone, welcoming lots of design aficionados to the special events hosted during this week specially dedicated to design in all its forms.

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The Museum of Fashion and Art of Giorgio Armani is one of the main attractions of the Tortona Design District. There is an exhibition in which visitors can learn more about Armani’s life and career. There is also a photography exhibition located in a former Nestlé granary.

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In the midst of so many places and events to attend there are some, you can’t miss.

This year one of the main events, titled “Leading with Light”, is a partnership between Lexus and the globally renowned design firm Rhizomatiks, known for their rich experience in the field of design, art, entertainment and their imaginative use of technology to captivate audiences. Inspired by Lexus’ futuristic technology, Rhizomatiks has designed an immersive display that combines playful and dynamic lighting with advanced robotics.

Visitors will be able to experience how the innovative use of light can affect human emotions. You can find it at Superstudio Più in the Tortona Design District.

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Finally, there is MUDEC, the Museum of Cultures. It’s a cultural organization that made its home in an old space in a Milan factory. Here visitors can gaze at over 7,000 works of art, objects, fabrics and musical instruments that come from all continents and cultures.

Do not miss another edition of the Milan Design Week, which will bring the best of design whether it’s the best events, news or installations across the design districts, the Tortona Design District included. 

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