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Elegant Halloween Décor Ideas

Elegant Halloween Décor Ideas 04

Elegant Halloween Décor Ideas for the spookiest season of the year – no Halloween party will ever be the same after you take a look at these ideas.




Halloween is upon us! And even though most people (among those who celebrate it) have already decorated for the season, some might be still on the hunt for some ideas!

When decorating for Halloween it can be particularly difficult to keep things very elegant but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some elegant and spooky decor ideas that will turn any Halloween event into THE event! Take a look at what we’ve selected for you.


Color Palette


Elegant Halloween Décor Ideas 01


The first thing you should pay attention to is the color palette! Even though orange is the color we most associate with this holiday you don’t need to add it to the décor. If you want to keep things classier go for deep reds, purples, blacks, and gold – a romantic gothic type of look.


Nature Elements


Elegant Halloween Décor Ideas 02


To bring an elegant touch to the décor add nature elementsdark flowers, dark greenery, dry plants, all make great additions. The key is to make it look spooky and dark without losing elegance. If we’re talking about a table – complete the look with some of your best dishes and cutlery.


Add Antiques to the mix


Elegant Halloween Décor Ideas 03


Think old books,  antique mirrors, old paintings, and old trinkets. Vintage stores usually have a lot of these elements that will add a creepy vibe to any decor without being an actual Halloween item. If you have any antique and damaged items laying around in boxes bring them out this Halloween!




Elegant Halloween Décor Ideas 04


What’s Halloween without candles? With their faint light and atmospheric vibe, candles are a great way to make any room look more mysterious without much effort. The more candles the more the room will look like it belongs in a horror movie.


Keep it simple


Elegant Halloween Décor Ideas 05


Elegance and simplicity are vastly associated and with good reason. Sometimes keeping things simple is the key to keeping things elegant. If you love Halloween season but don’t want to go overboard with the décor select a place, like a fireplace and add a few simple elements that will bring all the spooky vibes!


Do you have any other elegant Halloween décor tips? Share them with us!

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