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Beautiful Restaurants in South Africa

Do you want to have the best of South African cuisine in a luxurious environment? Take a walk with us through the best decorated restaurants in the country. Heritage food and the revival of old recipes is big global trend at the moment and South Africa is following this trend regarding their heritage. South Africa’s diversity, and love for indigenous ingredients and environments, means that each part of the country bears evidence of its own type of traditional cuisine and interior design.

Restaurant Mosaic is a gourmet destination for modern dining in South Africa. Mosaic is located in the spectacular Orient Hotel, hidden in the Crocodile River Valley in the lush Francolin Conservation Area. With an art nouveau style décor, Mosaic has an intimate atmosphere and an impressive wine cellar, with some of the best and most unusual wines in South Africa. Its dishes are inspired by nature and European cuisine, with a special philosophy: passion, consistency and simplicity.

Beautiful Restaurants in South Africa Mosaic

The Hillside Tavern opened in 1989 and since then it has built a solid reputation as one of the best grill-houses in South Africa. This popular restaurant is a traditional meeting point for locals and foreigners who want to enjoy an outstanding steak, the Hillside’s signature dish. With an impressive and well-selected wine list, this award-winning steakhouse presents simple and comforting food in a very cozy environment. Hillside Tavern’s interior has dark lighting, with retro décor, wood ceilings and exposed panels.

Beautiful Restaurants in South Africa Hillside

The Marimba Restaurant has everything that a luxurious restaurant should have. Art-winning decor, a wide outdoor terrace, a sleek cigar bar and the largest marimba on the planet! The wooden African xylophone, for which the restaurant is named, inspires the unique theme and design. On selected nights, you’ll have a chance to hear marimba maestro Bongani Sotshononda do his thing while enjoying the best of Africa’s cuisine, served in traditional earthenware pots. The Marimba Restaurant represents the best of South Africa heritage with a décor chic environment.

Beautiful Restaurants in South Africa Marimba

The Five Hundred is also one of the best decorated restaurants in South Africa.The open kitchen is the first thing you see as you enter, which is just one of the elements that makes this exclusive restaurant a truly theatrical experience with a minimalist touch.

Beautiful Restaurants in South Africa Minimalist

Fumo is one of the best restaurants in South Africa. Italian-born chef Claudio Uccello is committed to offering classic and authentic dishes from his country of origin, using the finest and freshest ingredients. Homemade pastas, wooden-cooked pizzas and sophisticated main courses are some of the options from Fumo’s extensive menu, along with delicious desserts and a varied wine list. Fumo offers a contemporary, sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere for an extraordinary European-style dining experience with a south african twist.

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