5 Amazing Sculptural Chandeliers Found in Historic Buildings in the UK

Indulge in the invigorating beauty of sculptural chandeliers found in higher buildings that highlight a decorative purpose that is simply out of this world!



The United Kingdom is home to some of the most esteemed art and history institutions in the world. Besides showcasing world art and history, inside these outstanding museums and historic buildings, one often can find outstanding sculptural chandeliers that could actually be considered authentic masterpieces. From Buckingham Palace to the Victoria & Albert Museum, discover 5 amazing sculptural chandeliers that add even more value to this notable institutions.


Whitefriars Crystal Chandeliers at the Bath Assembly Rooms


5 Outstanding Sculptural Chandeliers Found in Historic Buildings 2
Image source: Fashion Museum UK


The Bath Assembly Rooms is located in the heart of the World Heritage City of Bath in England and highlights nine outstanding Whitefriars crystal chandeliers, eight designed by William Parker of Fleet Street and the largest one by Jonathan Collett. These chandeliers are among the finest decorative masterpieces in the country and weight around 440lb.


Stupendous Chandelier in the Brighton Royal Pavilion


5 Outstanding Sculptural Chandeliers Found in Historic Buildings 1
Image credit to Brighton Museums


The Banqueting room in the Brighton Royal Pavilion houses one of the most iconic cut glass crystal chandeliers ever made. It was designed by the Regency designer Robert Jones in 1817 and measures around 30ft high.


Waterfall chandelier in the Buckingham Palace


5 Outstanding Sculptural Chandeliers Found in Historic Buildings 4
Image credit to Peter Smith/The Royal Collection


The highly esteemed Buckingham Palace gathers around 3,000 Royal Collection objects only in its East Wing, including 40 massive chandeliers. It is in the White Drawing Room where one of the most stunning decadent chandeliers hangs, Waterfall. It is suspended from the center of John Nash’s gilded ceiling and its proportions are guaranteed to be regal.


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A giltwood chandelier in Norfolk’s Houghton Hall


5 Outstanding Sculptural Chandeliers Found in Historic Buildings 2
Image credit to Houghton Hall


With interiors designed by William Kent, the Houghton Hall certainly is a sight for sore eyes, especially for art and history devoters. There are actually numerous illustrious pieces spread throughout the lavish mansion, however, one of the best is without a shadow of a doubt the giltwood chandelier found in the Stone Hall. This highly ornamental chandelier was actually acquired by the 2nd Earl of Orford in 1748.


Rotunda Chandelier in V&M Museum


5 Outstanding Sculptural Chandeliers Found in Historic Buildings 3
Image credit to James Medcraft


The prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum is one of the most prestigious in London and inside, you can find the dazzling Rotunda chandelier that features an extraordinary combination of green, blue and yellow. The blown-glass sculpture is 26ft tall and it is located in the museum’s entrance, so as soon as you enter you will be bestowed by this masterpiece.


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Featured image credit to Brighton Museums

Source: Country Life UK