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Most Iconic Chandeliers In The World

Most Iconic Chandeliers In The World 03

You ever wondered about the most iconic chandeliers in the history of lighting? Discover a list with some of the most iconic and imponent ones below!


Chandeliers have been a symbol of opulence and status since their appearance, the wealthiest have always incorporated this element in the décor of halls, and other rooms, since the medieval times with candle chandeliers until the 18th-century crystal chandeliers.

Even though chandeliers have been around for a lot of centuries and there are hundreds of thousands of different chandeliers designs all over the world, there are a few, the most iconic ones, which can be recognized by almost everyone!

Curious? Take a look at these stunning lighting fixtures!

Paris Opera House – Palais Garnier

Most Iconic Chandeliers In The World 01

Palais Garnier is one of the most beautiful buildings in Paris. Built from 1861 to 1875 by the architect Charles Garnier, the building features many chandeliers including the iconic bronze and crystal chandelier that served (its fall) as inspiration for the gothic novel The Phantom of the Opera.

Buckingham Palace, London

Most Iconic Chandeliers In The World 02

The official residence of Queen Elizabeth II is home to some very opulent chandeliers and some of the most iconic ones too! Take for instance the one above located in the White Drawing Room.

Palace of Versailles, Paris

Most Iconic Chandeliers In The World 03

The Palace of Versailles, known for its over the top opulence is home to some of the most stunning and recognizable chandeliers in the world! The Hall of Mirrors has ceilings lined not only with beautiful paintings but also with stunning crystal chandeliers which are probably the most famous ones!

Dolmabahçe Palace, Istanbul

The opulent palace located in Istanbul features an incredible collection of crystal chandeliers, but the most iconic one is perhaps the bohemian crystal chandelier that came to the palace as a gift from Queen Victoria.

Chandelier Bar Vegas, Las Vegas

Most Iconic Chandeliers In The World 05

The last one on this list is not an actual chandelier, but rather a bar which architecture resembles a chandelier, and is one of the most famous chandeliers, even if it’s not a real one.

What about LUXXU’s most iconic chandelier?

Most Iconic Chandeliers In The World 06

The Empire is definitely one of the most iconic chandeliers of our entire collection! This layered brass and crystal chandelier was inspired by the Empire State Building architecture and also one of our first products. Later it also inspired a furniture collection!

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