The Most Amazing Luxury Airbnbs You Can Rent

The Most Amazing Luxury Airbnbs You Can Rent 02

Luxury Airbnbs are whole other level when it comes to accommodations! Who wouldn’t want to spend a week in a castle or a private island? Now you can!




Airbnb was founded on the basis of having your own home when traveling abroad. The company has been growing in the last few years and is finally looking at the luxury travel industry, offering everyone the chance to stay in a castle or private island.

This comes has no surprising considering the platform has witnessed a rise in the demand for luxury accommodations and in 2017 the company purchased Luxury Retreats, a home-sharing website which has been the basis for this new tier in Airbnb.

Users today can book accommodation in the most exquisite properties via their new tier, Airbnb Luxe. Discover some of the most amazing below!



The Most Amazing Luxury Airbnbs You Can Rent 01


This wonderful private island in French Polynesia offers accommodation for 52 guests. At $1 million a week you can stay in this secluded island. It comes with a dedicated staff team composed of 50 people to ensure your stay truly feels like paradise!

Chateau d’Estoublon


The Most Amazing Luxury Airbnbs You Can Rent 02


A regal 18th-century estate in the French Provence that will make you feel as if you were in another time! The historic chateau was founded in 1731 and includes designer interiors. Some of the amenities include 500 acres of curated grounds, which include a forest, a pond, games rooms, a theater, and even a hammam.

Te Kahu


The Most Amazing Luxury Airbnbs You Can Rent 03


If you’re looking for the ultimate nature retreat this 50 acres property in New Zealand that only accommodates 6 guests might be it! An architectural masterpiece where cutting-edge luxury design meets nature. This property features the most amazing views over Lake Wanaka.


Villa Manzu


The Most Amazing Luxury Airbnbs You Can Rent 04


Located in Costa Rica, Villa Manzu accommodates 22 guests in its 5 acres. A seaside property that offers incredible views and amazing amenities a team of staff ready to assist you! The luxury villa is located in a quiet area but still conveniently near some spectacular beaches.

The View


The Most Amazing Luxury Airbnbs You Can Rent 05


Located in Utah, this house delivers guests, which can be up to 12, amazing views of Lone Peak. This mountain retreat offers beautifully designed living areas both indoors and outdoors. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking a winter retreat witch access for ski or for those seeking a summer vacation in the mountains. The property offers many services, including a chef, a spa, a butler and a private driver.


These luxury Airbnbs are definitely wonderful but there are many more just as stunning!

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