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Zaha Hadid launches contemporary dining pavilion at design Miami

Zaha Hadid Modern Pavilion

In a series of limited edition pre-crafted pavilions and homes launched at design miami 2015, Zaha Hadid presented a contemporary dining pavilion. The Iraqi-british architect developed an amazing structure that presents a bold silhouette, forming a typical fusion of design, lightweight engineering and precision fabrication.

Zaha Hadid modern pavilion design

Conceived by design and real estate developer Robbie Antonio, the Revolution Project unites more than thirty of the world’s distinguished architects, artists, and designers to create a series of technologically advanced yet cost-efficient living spaces. Zaha Hadid design was the first of the limited edition pre-crafted pavilions and homes launches at design miami/ 2015.

Contemporary design pavilion by Zaha Hadid

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Named ‘Volu’, the dining pavilion presents a unique contemporary design. The structure assumes a bold silhouette, forming a typical fusion of design, lightweight engineering, and precision fabrication.

Zaha Hadid Modern Pavilion design

The modern pavilion was developed through sophisticated digital processes.

Contemporary dining pavilion design

Such as other Zaha Hadid projects, the dining pavilion presents bespoke furniture with a contemporary design.

Bespoke furniture at Dining Pavilion by Z. Hadid

Comprised of a series of structural bands collecting at the spine and expanding overhead, the patterning of the pavilion is guided by the varied structural loading conditions.

Volu dining pavilion detail

Through analysis of the geometry under load, the pavilion’s topology is digitally optimized to remove unnecessary material, resulting in the lightest possible design solution — an organic structural logic that recreates the many of the same principles found in nature.

Volu dining pavilion at Design Miami 2015

Zaha Hadid is famous for incredible talented architectural designs, like the stunning Swarm Chandelier, made of black Swarovski crystals.

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