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Top 20 Modern Floor Lamps

From vintage lamp to contemporary lamp design, every lamp evokes their ambient lighting. Floor lamps are a great lighting design solution if you are looking for some unique furniture ideas. Today we present you an amazing gallery with the Top 20 Modern Floor Lamps to inspire you in your interior design projects.

Armstrong lamp by Delightfull

Armstrong arc lamp is a true Italian design classic. It has a minimalistic style with a clear usability. So simple and yet a statement of good taste. This DelightFULL’s lamp is once again at Novamobili store, in Italy and it’s perfect to stand beside a armchair in a bedroom.

Blue floor lamps design

Blue is a trend. And stays amazing in every luxury living room design!

Botti lamp by Delightfull

Here you have a good example of a exquisite design to have in your home. This standing lamp is Botti and this photo was taken at Idol Hotel, Paris.

Brass modern design floor lamps

This metallic copper floor lamp with a modern light is what  you need to your modern home design. You can add some dark brown or bordeaux elements to the decorations and you’ll get the perfect room.

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Coltrane lamp by Delightfull

If you think you can’t mix different floor lamps, you are wrong. Here you have an amazing example. We don’t know who designed the curved standing lamp in the right, but the other one in the left is Coltrane. With 3 iron tubes, it makes a magical and a smooth lighting effect for architectural environments.

Contemporary living room decor

This contemporary living room presents an elegant furniture design, combining a modern design floor lamp, two gold center tables and beautiful sofas.

Cypres lamp by Brabbu

This is a contemporary lighting piece inspired by Cypres, a tree of many symbolisms and ornamental capabilities, often seen in artistic works and gardens. Cypres Floor Lamp  by Brabbu stands strong like the tree with its four gold plated brass sprouts emerging from the Carrara marble base, and the lamps acting as the oblong seed cones fully illuminating the surrounding space.

Elegant floor lamp design flower

A beautiful lighting design with the shape of a tulip. A natural ambient lighting to your living room decor.

Simone lamp by Delightfull

This amazing interior is part of Frigerio’s store, Italy. Frigerio is one of DelightFULL’s partners, that’s why you can see the mid century modern Simone floor lamp at this ambiance. The big lampshades, the asymmetric structure, the visible textile wire and the gold plated details have resulted in a magical piece which will surely put a spell on you.

Gold luxury floor lamps

An elegant contemporary design that will create a modern ambient in your luxury homes.

White modern floor lamps

This white lamp has multiple feet and we love it. Perfect lighting direct to stand beside your sofa.

Ike lamp by Delightfull

If we had to pick a metallic shade to mix with black, we would choose golden. Ike is the result of a collaboration between a Dutch designer and Delightfull’s design team. Strict northern design rules meet a southern taste.

Living room floor lamps design

Every luxury living room deserves a beautiful modern lamp design.

Luxurious floor lamps design

A luxury lighting made with Swarovski crystals will definitely create the perfect ambient lighting in your living room design.

Luxury floor lamps design

An unique lamp design will always stand out in every luxury living room.

Modern white floor lamps

Look at this contemporary living area. It would never look the same with an industrial floor lamp design, for instance. Is important for you to have the sensibility of looking around and understand the style of the room.

Minimalist floor lamps design

This mid century modern tripod lamp is the perfect pairing for your contemporary leathered sofa.

Modern black floor lamps design

A black modern lamp design is a secure decision for your home interior. With a more vintage or modern design, it’s still a classic in the world of lighting design.

Modern design floor lamps

This single-family house interior design in Warsaw by Tamizo Architects features the most incredible modern floor lamps. Our favorite so far, after Sinatra Floor.

Skyscraper lamp by Boca do Lobo

Uniqueness, emotion and passion are Boca do Lobos important keywords. The colors and the refined materials of its astonishing décor pieces are the principal features of this luxury Portuguese brand.Skyscraper floor lamps are no exception. In fact, they are one of our most original and exquisite décor pieces.

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