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10 Ways to Add Gold to Your Interiors

Do you want your home to look glamorous and well-decorated for visitors and dinner guests? Gold accents are a hot trend right now and we dare say that this classy trend may be here to stay. Let yourself be inspired by our suggestions!

A chandelier is the best place to start infusing your home with shine. We recommend that you choose an elegant chandelier that adds a bit of whimsy to your room. For instance, choose one that is not heavy on the metal, but has more glass, with a touch of gold on the arms. This will give your dining room, living room, den, or bedroom a more elegant feeling. We suggest you Trump Chandelier by Luxxu. Trump Hotel was the inspiration of this elegant piece, made stylishly in classic contemporary design. The design of this sconce was sculptured by the motives of the exterior windows in gold of this Iconic building. Trump promises to sparkle everything! Built in brass and sublime tears of crystal glass, is perfect for a refined living room.

Trump Chandelier

Gold Furnishings, Fabrics & Paints
Gold furniture is hot right now! Look through any current decorating magazine and you are certain to see elegant rooms that have hints of gold and glitz placed strategically throughout the room.

10 Ways to Add Gold to Your Interiors furniture

Take It To The Table
Any table in your home can be glamorized by adding a simple gold runner that is perfect all year long. Paired with the perfect centerpiece, this becomes an understated way to make a gold statement in your home.

10 Ways to Add Gold to Your Interiors table

Gold Accessories Add Sparkle
Not all candles are meant to burn and this is particularly true when it comes to adding a touch of gold to your home décor. Try adding a few over-the-top glittery gold candles to your table or an end table in the living room and watch a little shine go a long way.

If candles are not your thing, then consider accessorizing a tabletop with a runner in a shiny gold fabric, topped with a glass vase filled with gold decorative balls—there are so many ways to create a glitzy, glamorous centerpiece .

10 Ways to Add Gold to Your Interiors accessories

Gold Hardware
Brass is back! No, we are not talking about those 1980’s shiny brass fixtures, rather the new brass remains shiny, but in a much more modern light. Consider adding gold accents to your home through brass hardware, fixtures, and accessories. If shiny gold seems too much for you, then consider an aged brass finish that allows you to add sheen without being too flashy.

10 Ways to Add Gold to Your Interiors hardware

Window-Wide Upgrade
The great thing about gold as an accent color is that it can be paired with practically anything. Add a single gold sash to the top of your curtains for a glamorous touch. If you’re looking for something a little more bold, try putting gold sheer curtains directly over the top of the curtains you already hung and give them a stylish new dimension.

10 Ways to Add Gold to Your Interiors image

Framed In Fashion
One of the most simple gold accents to add to any wall or table in your home is a picture frame. Simply replace frames you have with intricate gold borders and watch your walls take on a new and glamorous life. If you like the frames you have, but want to make them glitzy, consider using gold leaf. You simply brush on the gold leaf using specific glue, and then viola – you have amazing gold frames in the style you already love. Plus, your home immediately looks more expensive and elegant.

10 Ways to Add Gold to Your Interiors frame

Golden Accents
Most home goods stores host a home décor section and it’s here that if you get digging, you’ll usually find some amazing sales on single gold accent pieces such as floral designs or even sparkly metal abstract pieces. Arranging these single pieces together on your wall, much like a bouquet, can give you a glamorous, golden statement piece that is easily interchangeable when the holiday season comes to a close.

10 Ways to Add Gold to Your Interiors accents

High-Class Columns and Trims
You don’t have to renovate your home’s entrance to add a sophisticated golden column to your home’s décor. Interior-sized foam or plastic columns are available to fit corners and edges in your home, and can be spray painted gold or given a little spritz of glitter spray. The best part is they can be moved from place to place to fit your changing home designs. Also, these columns can be cut to size and used to create upscale-looking end tables that are perfect for a lightweight lamp.

10 Ways to Add Gold to Your Interiors hallway

Light Up Your Style
Lamps are a great place to start when looking for easy ways to add gold to your home’s interior lighting. Pairing a neutral lampshade with a gold base can give any corner of your home a brilliant new style! Lampshades can also add some sparkle to you home.

10 Ways to Add Gold to Your Interiors kitchen

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