Valentine’s Day Destinations For A Romantic Getaway

Valentine's Day Destinations For A Romantic Getaway 01

Take a look at these 5  Valentine’s Day Destinations that combine the best of luxury travel and romantic getaways!

Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse for a romantic getaway with your significant other. Hotels and restaurants all around the world have special packs and offers to celebrate this special day.

However, with so many destinations to choose from it might get a little tricky to select the right one for the occasion. It all depends on personal preference but there are destinations that are undoubtedly more romantic than others!

Let’s learn more about these 5 romantic destinations!

Finnish Lapland

Valentine's Day Destinations For A Romantic Getaway 01

Nothing is more romantic than going on a getaway to watch Northern Lights. These can be seen from the north of Scandinavia and some areas in North America. But there’s something about Finnish Lapland, with its wild landscapes and winter wonderland scenarios! Stay in Santa’s Igloo Arctic Circle for the ultimate experience.

Lake Como, Italy

Valentine's Day Destinations For A Romantic Getaway 02

Lake Como might just be the perfect romantic escape! This dreamy place is filled with the most picturesque gardens, breathtaking views, luxury hotels and wonderful cuisine and wine. Besides the cities that surround the lake, you can also pop up to Milan. Grand Hotel Tremezzo is a great choice for accomodation!

Charleston, South Carolina

Valentine's Day Destinations For A Romantic Getaway 03

Charleston almost feels like stepping into a fairytale. A coastal town with the charming historic houses and a great food scene (perfect for foodies). Being a coastal city you can also expect great sunsets! Stay at the Belmond Charleston Place for the ultimate experience.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Valentine's Day Destinations For A Romantic Getaway 04

Buenos Aires is a bustling city with a busy nightlife, a great food scene and one of the most romantic dances in the world: Tango! It’s the perfect place if you want to enjoy a warm destination but also a city break. The Four Seasons couldn’t be a better choice!

Warwick Castle, UK

Valentine's Day Destinations For A Romantic Getaway 05

Not really a destination but a great place to spend Valentine’s day in! What could be more romantic than a getway to a lavish castle? Guests can saty in the Tower suites to feel like true royals. If you’re a fan of medieval times this is the choice for you!

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