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Introducing LUXXU’s New Lighting Fixtures

Discover LUXXU’s new lighting fixtures – brass, and crystal chandeliers, elegant wall lamps and sumptuous suspensions!

Our brand, LUXXU, is known for opulent lighting designs, designs that sweep you of your feet with their magnificence. Designs that are meticulously created to bring you the best of luxury lighting.

We are also all about innovation, high-quality and precise detailing. All this is present in each one of our designs, including our latest lighting fixtures. Some of these were presented to the world at Maison et Objet Paris, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Let’s discover these gorgeous lighting designs!

McQueen Chandelier II 

Introducing LUXXU's New Lighting Fixtures 01

After the huge success of the McQueen collection, our designers decided it was time to bring a reinterpretation of the McQueen lines. This collection is an homage to the late fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, and his powerful designs.

Pharo Chandelier

Introducing LUXXU's New Lighting Fixtures 02

Inspired by the imponent and robust structure of Lighthouses, Pharo Chandelier represents the rupture of darkness with a bright and luxurious shine! A crystal chandelier that is the perfect solution for wide spaces.

Empire Square Chandelier 

Introducing LUXXU's New Lighting Fixtures 03

This extravagant and modern chandelier is a fixture full of personality and splendor granted by the vintage-looking crystals. In a square shape, this brass and crystal chandelier is inspired by the architecture of the Empire State Building.

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Waterfall XL Wall 

Introducing LUXXU's New Lighting Fixtures 04

An elegant modern wall lamp handmade with the finest crystals and metals. A larger version of the standard model meant to decorate bigger spaces and to create a statement!

Tycho Torch Small Wall 

Introducing LUXXU's New Lighting Fixtures 05

Elegant and charming, this wall lamp is a creation that fits into the most classic or the most modern interiors. Versatile, beautiful and with a distinct elegance his smaller version of the Tycho Torch wall is ideal for intimate spaces.

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