The Best Riads In Marrakesh To Stay In

The Best Riads In Marrakesh To Stay In 06

Stay in one of the best riads in Marrakesh for the ultimate experience of this bustling city! Discover a few you need to know about before you depart to the red city.




Marrakesh is becoming a very popular destination these days. With the increase of its popularity and stunning photos surfacing all over Instagram and Pinterest, this desert destination is on almost anyone’s travel bucket list at the moment.

Truth is there aren’t many cities as Marrakesh! Colorful and vibrant, the capital of Morocco is truly a fusion of cultures. If you’re visiting you need to know all about the best way to stay in this city in style – Riads!

But as you’ve might have guessed there are hundred of riads all over the city. Here are the best ones!

Dar Darma

The Best Riads In Marrakesh To Stay In 01


This Riad is one of the most luxurious looking in all of Marrakesh. Decorated with luxury furniture in a somewhat maximalist style you’ll love to stay in this intimate Riad that only has 6 suites! It does feature lounge areas, dining options, terraces, a pool, and even a (small) library!

Riad Kheirredine

The Best Riads In Marrakesh To Stay In 02


Located right at the heart of Marrakesh, this five star Riad is the ultimate luxury! It’s actually considered the top-rated riad in the entire city and if you visit their website you’ll understand why! Besides the amazing property, it also offers incredible service and great culinary experiences.

Riad Yasmine

The Best Riads In Marrakesh To Stay In 03


Very famous across Instagram and dubbed as one of the ‘Most Instagrammable Places in Marrakesh’ the Riad Yasmine is definitely a great place to stay! It’s an 8 bedrooms boutique hotel with a traditional patio right in the middle of the Medina of Marrakesh and feels like an oasis in the middle of the city. The Riad includes a swimming pool, a rooftop terrace, a living room and also a restaurant.

Riad Jardin Secret

The Best Riads In Marrakesh To Stay In 04


If you’re looking for accommodation that looks exactly as you think a Riad would look this is the ideal choice for you! It’s decorated in a very Moroccan style and has one incredible feature that sets it apart from the rest: The Pink Rooftop. Check their website to find out more.

Riad Mena

The Best Riads In Marrakesh To Stay In 05


The Riad Mena will grant you a luxurious and calm stay as it also features an outpost farm situated at the foot of Atlas Mountains. Some of the amenities include an outdoor heated pool, a Hammam, film screenings, a spa, and a team ready to assist you, whether you want a calm relaxing stay or if you’d like to explore the city!

Royal Mansour

The Best Riads In Marrakesh To Stay In 06


Last but not least and definitely one of the best riads in Marrakesh, the luxury riads at the Royal Mansour are the ideal choice for all the luxury travel fans! The Royal Mansour consists of a medina with its own alleyways and riads – where guests get to stay! Each of the 53 riads is unique and offers a new experience, with some really over the top ones, as the Grand Riad (in the picture above).

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