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Spring Decor: Refreshing Trends For 2023

Spring Decor: Refreshing Trends For 2023 – March is right around the corner and that means that Spring is coming along with new trends to transform your home! Discover new refreshing decor suggestions, what’s in and what’s out, and boost your mood just in time for the new season! Continue reading this article by LUXXU Blog and give your home a new life!

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Spring Decor

Refreshing Trends For 2023

80s Style Revival

Spring Decor: Refreshing Trends For 2023
Image: Jonathan Adler

After a long period of time where neutral tones reigned, Spring 2023 brings a daring attitude to interior design. No more boring colours, now it’s all about celebrating and lifting our spirits! Expect to see a revival of 80s styles, not only in fashion but also in home decor, with bold colours like magenta, greens, yellows and blues appearing, and the return of maximalism.


Spring Decor: Refreshing Trends For 2023
Image: Max Zambelli

Wallpaper goes hand in hand with the trends for Spring 2023. Besides the bold colours we are expecting to see this new season, wallpaper will still be in vogue but not in the traditional way we expect. Of course, you can place it on your bedroom walls or living room, but because bold is really the keyword of the season, expect to see this trend incorporated into unexpected places like a laundry room or a focal wall instead.

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Organic Silhouettes

Spring Decor: Refreshing Trends For 2023
Image: Tanya Krpan

Curves never really left, did they? Organic silhouettes will be one of the top trends for the Spring season, whether it be on furniture or architecture. Arched entryways, rounded sofas, curved staircases, you name it! Stylized curvatures will take the place of hard edges, giving a natural flow to every room.

Editor’s choice:

Littus Oval Dining Table and Senzu Sofa

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Spring Decor: Refreshing Trends For 2023
Image: Antique Collecting Magazine

With a high search for secondhand finds, antiques are having a major moment and will continue to be under the spotlight during Spring 2023. They add a nostalgic spirit to a home and are filled with sentimental value. In addition, vintage pieces are eco-friendly, which is something that more and more people are taking into consideration and applying to their daily lives. Antiques are true storytellers and bring personality to any interior setting!

Natural Materials

Spring Decor: Refreshing Trends For 2023
Image: Sara Essex Bradley

Stepping away from all the maximalism that will dominate Spring, there are elements that will be present and that are of a more subtle design. This subtlety will be found in the materials that they are made of – rattan, cane and inlay. Cane beds, rattan lampshades or wicker cabinets will still be on trend and will infuse an inviting and approachable feeling to a room.

Editor’s choice:

McQueen II Wall Lamp and McQueen Round Suspension

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