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Smart Security Upgrades

Security Upgrades Your House Needs

Smart Security Upgrades

We live an era of technology and each day the system is producing innovations, upgrades or new regulations for us to improve the quality of our daily lives. So, it’s time to upgrade your home’s security to another level with these smart security upgrades that we will introduce below. 

Here are professional and smart security upgrades that your house needs!



Smart Doorlock by Samsung


Security Upgrades Your House Needs


Worldwide technology competitor Samsung released a premium smart door-lock of luxurious gold and carbon silver featuring fingerprint recognitions that provides convenience of door access operation. With this doorlock having a key will be old-fashioned and you can delete locksmith’s  number, as well. User friendly UI shows the current status of the door access whenever you are in and out with intuitive LED icon and text. With Samsung Smart Doorlock your finger is the key!




Bullet Proo high security Windows with Multipoint locks



You must have been familiar with pro-security windows and car shields from action movies but also the security windows are the most used homeland-security products, in United States. They can be fitted with multi-point locking systems and are fixed into your home with the same heavy duty framing technology and may be ordered with bullet resistance. There are many brands in the industry and the prices depend on customisation.





Security Upgrades Your House Needs


Seco-Larm is an infrared photo beam barrier sensors are perfect for installation in windows, doorways, skylights, fence tops, any place where space is limited. Best thing is they are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The design features rugged aluminum construction, and an anti-tamper circuit for triggering an alarm if power is cut or the end cap is removed.



Hello the Doorbell by Google


Smart Security Upgrades


Once again Google has signed a state of the art technology development but this time on behalf of security. Google replaces doorbells with 4:3 HD video designed to show people head to toe. The main facts to know about are Hello supports 24/7 video streaming plus, video has been amplified to show sharp images both on bright and dark areas. Also, it recognizes deliveries and familiar faces, then it sends special alerts. It seems like Google is going to shake the market considering the accessible price as low as $229.



Panic Room


Speaking about technology, our last upgrade will be very ancient but probably the most useful and secure choices in case of an unexpected encounter. Leave a “panic room” in case of natural disasters or to hide from unexpected visitors. These extra 4-meter square can be your ally in times of need.


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