Discover Bulgari’s New Luxury Watches

Bulgari's New Luxury Watches

McQueenDiscover Bulgari’s New Luxury Watches

by Yaren Arbak


Bulgari's New Luxury Watches


Worldwide known Italian watch brand, Bulgari, released its’ latest luxurious and emblematic serpent-themed watch collection, named Serpenti Seduttor, meaning seductive snake. This fall, in Shanghai, the brand presented the collection, 9 brand-new Serpenti Seduttor models for women, high jewelry watches named Serpenti and Divas’ Dream and 19 piece for men luxury jewelry line extensions, made up off steel, gold and high carat diamonds. The collaboration of unique Italian design and splendid Swiss engineering created snake-inspired timepieces.


Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori

Bulgari's New Luxury Watches

   The Serpenti Seducttori,  is the most seductive and iconic watch of the collection. The watch’s head is drop shaped enabling a courteous daily wear look while its’ surrounding is ornamented with tiny 18 kt white gold diamonds. The watch has flexible bracelet features and it stylized in hexagonal pattern. The model is presented in 3 outstanding golden colors; rose gold, yellow gold, white gold; all paved with diamonds.

   The Serpenti Seduttori models retail somewhere in the range of $4,600 and $11,200 in steel and between $22,800 and $99,000 in 18k gold.

Serpenti Misteriosi cuff


Bulgari's New Luxury Watches


18 kt white gold wide cuff bracelet set with black onyx and diamonds, named Serpenti Misteriosi, was one of the favorite pieces of the night in Shanghai. Mysterious secret watch brilliantly designed with a snake on the surrounding. On the top of the snake head, there is marquise-shaped diamonds accompanied by pear-shaped eyes, offered in the colors of; emerald green and night blue. Also, hexagon shaped diamond pieces on the body of the snakes adds sense of 80s’flavor.

   The Serpenti Misteriosi piece can be purchased only by booking an appointment from: is unknown.


Octo Roma Grande Sonnerie Perpetual Calendar Diamonds

Bulgari's New Luxury Watches

18k gold, diamond and noir-black united under Bulgari’s men collection series by including eight new Octa Roma pieces. Octo Roma’s case material consists of white gold with titanium mid-case while it’s head is ornamented with diamonds. Functions include, perpetual calendar with moon-phase, grande and petite sonnerie and chiming power reserve indicator.

However, those who would purchase this timepiece should keep their hands quick it is the product of limited edition and there are only 8 pieces worldwide. Availability is immediate while price is as high as $953,000.

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written by Yaren Arbak