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5 Reasons to Visit LUXXU at Decorex 2018

5 Reasons to Visit LUXXU at Decorex 2018 00

Discover the dazzling reasons why you need to visit LUXXU at Decorex 2018.

LUXXU is going to take part in another great exhibition. This time, the brand will unveil its elegant and impressive collection at Decorex 2018.

From the 16th to the 19th of September the best of luxury design will be present at Syon Park, a venue that reflects the spirit of the international tradeshow. This year the theme, Blank Canvas, reflects how great designs are created from nothing, giving emphasis to the Arts of Craftsmanship. LUXXU is proud to be part of such an involving theme as all the brand’s pieces are handcrafted, with the traditional production techniques present in every detail.


LUXXU’s Most Iconic Piece

5 Reasons to Visit LUXXU at Decorex 2018 01

Reason number 1 is LUXXU’s Empire Chandelier, an iconic piece that deserves a place in the spotlight in London. Created from a glimpse of inspiration, this extravagant chandelier is capable of transforming any space into a glamorous scenario full of personality.

LUXXU’s First Table Lamp

5 Reasons to Visit LUXXU at Decorex 2018 02

LUXXU is going to London with a few new products. One of them takes us to reason number 2, the Waterfall Table Lamp. This new item is both elegant and versatile and can fit into any interior you desire. And it looks as amazing in person.

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LUXXU’s Most Comfortable Chair

5 Reasons to Visit LUXXU at Decorex 2018 03

This armchair is fully handcrafted using only the best materials, giving it a luxury factor, while the soft materials, shape, and color give it a touch of comfort. Inspired by the noir movie scene, the Saboteur is a velvet armchair that brings the best of luxury and comfort together.

LUXXU’s Most Unique Mirror

5 Reasons to Visit LUXXU at Decorex 2018 04

Made of the finest materials, this unique mirror inspired by the opulence of golden nuggets has the grace and the ability to create exclusive ambiances. Its geometric design resembling a shattered mirror is stylish and full of detail, a piece for the most unique interiors.

LUXXU’s Timeless Side Table

5 Reasons to Visit LUXXU at Decorex 2018 05

All our pieces are gifted with a timeless style. However, there are those who have a special touch when it comes to timeless design. The Spear Side Table inspired by Ancient Rome is the perfect example of this. Blending toughness and elegance it’s the perfect side table for any interior, from glam bedrooms to opulent living rooms.

We have many other surprises that you can’t miss waiting for you ar our stand.

Come experience the #LifestyleByLuxxu at Stand H45!

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