The Best Places To Relax In Milan

The Best Places To Relax In Milan 04

Places to relax in Milan? Discover here places all over the city – from brunch spots to the best sunset.

In a bustling city, like Milan, it might be hard to find a spot to relax and unwind after a long day or even a place for a break during the day. Milan is a city that gets millions of visitors each year, and with the Milan Design Week that number grows and the city is flooded with people.

When visiting the city or the events happening all over, as for example iSaloni 2019, you might need a break from the crowds. If you do don’t forget about these incredible places we’re about to show you!

Best Brunch

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The best brunch in Milan is tough to choose! However, there are a few spots worth mentioning. L’ov Milano, H Club>Diana (pictured above), God Save the Food and Otto are a few of them. Don’t forget to book ahead as these places are very well known among both locals and tourists.

Best Coffee Shops

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Is there any better way to take a break than a good coffee?  And since you can’t go to Italy without drinking an Italian Espresso, you need to know a few spots worth visiting. Café Trussardi Alla Scala, Bar LucePasticceria Marchesi, and Bastianello (said to have the best cappuccino in Milan) are a few of the best!

Best Parks and Gardens

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Milan is not particularly a green city. However, it has lots of gardens and parks to relax and enjoy the good Spring weather away from the crowds. From the well-known Sempione Park to the Brera Botanical Garden, the Giardino Della Guastalla and the Giardini di Villa Reale-Galleria d’Arte Moderna.

Best Sunsets

The Best Places To Relax In Milan 04

The best sunset in Milan has to be in Navigli, by the canals. However, there are many other places you can go to enjoy the sunset as the Terraza Triennale, the Hotel Cavalieri Terrace and the Sky Terrace at the Hotel Milano.

Best Places for Drinks

The Best Places To Relax In Milan 05

And since we’re talking about relaxing after a long day, drinks are a great way to do it! Milan has bars and places to grab a drink everywhere! We are going to come back to this matter later on, but for now here are some of the best places to grab a drink: Camparino, Terraza Aperol, Terraza 12, Bulgari Lounge Bar and Ceresio 7. Pictured above, the Bulgari Lounge Bar, also features an outdoor area, making it one of the best places to relax in Milan!

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