The Best From AD Design Show 2019

The Best From AD Design Show 2019 01

AD Design Show 2019 happened in New York between the 21-24 March. Discover here all the highlights of the interior design event!

Architectural Digest Design Show happened in New York this past weekend. As one of the most important design events of the year, you can expect to see some of the best luxury brands exhibiting at the annual design show.

LUXXU was at the event with Covet House showcasing a tiny sample of our luxury lighting and furniture collection. Let’s take a look at what this interior design event looked like!

The Best From AD Design Show 2019 02

Covet House was at Booth #601 with a curated selection. From furniture to lighting, upholstery to home accessories. The booth combined all the brands together, creating a unique and versatile ambiance. Brands like LUXXU, PullCast, Boca do Lobo and Brabbu.

Some of our designs at the event were the elegant Vertigo Console, the iconic Empire Side Table, and two of our wonderful Waterfall Wall Lamp. The Best From AD Design Show 2019 01

AD Design Show has been happening for 18 years, with this year’s edition being the 18th. The event is gaining more and more popularity and is becoming a powerful reference for interior designers, especially those based in New York City, where the event takes place.The Best From AD Design Show 2019 03

The event not only had brands exhibiting their collections and the latest trends but also had conferences, workshops, and talks by some of the industry most influential people.

The Best From AD Design Show 2019 04

With exhibitors from all over the world, but mostly from the United States and from Europe, AD Design Show 2019 was a success! With incredible booths by some of the best brands in the world of the design, the bar was raised for the upcoming editions of the event.

The Best From AD Design Show 2019 05

Some of the best exhibitors in several areas include Hamilton HolmesKGBLLondon Basin Co., CampagnaAlex Allen StudioHinterland Designs or Argosy.

AD Design Show 2019 was a success and we can only wait for next year’s edition!

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