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Outdoor Spaces Design Ideas For A Great Summer

Outdoor Spaces Design Ideas For A Great Summer 02

Take a look at these outdoor spaces design ideas that will allow you to make the most of the Summer months in the comfort of your own home!


With the warm months upon us, outdoor spaces need special attention! It’s where you’ll be entertaining and spending most of your days while at home, especially if the space has an inviting and inspiring design.

Whether you are going for an elegant oasis full of plants, a vibrant patio full of color and patterns or a chic pool area you’ll find inspiration in this article! And don’t miss LUXXU’s brand new outdoor furniture collection.

Now let’s take a look at these design ideas for a luxury outdoor space.

Spanish Style Terrace

Outdoor Spaces Design Ideas For A Great Summer 01

This 1930s  house in L.A. designed by Janice Barta includes a dreamy Spanish-style terrace! Built-in seating, a lantern-like lamp above the dining table, lots of plants and patterned pillows in neutral colors. It’s the ideal outdoor space for family gatherings
and entertaining outdoors.

Small but Glam

Outdoor Spaces Design Ideas For A Great Summer 02

If the space you have available doesn’t allow you to create the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of you can always create a smaller, but nevertheless glam space in your small patio or backyard. Don’t compromise style or function as there are many brands that have smaller outdoor furniture in their collections.

Roof Deck

Outdoor Spaces Design Ideas For A Great Summer 03

If your dream space is a chic rooftop like lounge you can set up a relaxing seating area in a rooftop or terrace. If you’re lucky to have a great view over the area, as for example views over the ocean you’ll feel like you’re on a getaway without leaving your own home.

Fairytale-like Dining Area

Outdoor Spaces Design Ideas For A Great Summer 04

This backyard dining area looks like it came out of a fairytale. Like Alice in Wonderland even. Inviting for the hotter days as the tree branches provide shadow and stunning during the spring while the trees are blooming.

Tropical Island Getaway

Outdoor Spaces Design Ideas For A Great Summer 05

Feel like you are in Bali without leaving your own backyard by creating an area that brings Balinese vibes into your home. Designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard did exactly this in this Malibu home! Daybed dresses in colorful patterns, grass roofs, and stunning lanterns. If it’s by the pool, even better!

There are many outdoor spaces design ideas out there! Find your perfect one and get designing!

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