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Most Beautiful Hotel Lobbies In The World

Most Beautiful Hotel Lobbies In The World 02

Discover five of the world’s most beautiful hotel lobbies and get ready to lust for a stay in any of these that are as beautiful as luxurious!


Luxury hotels are not about how beautiful and well-equipped the bedrooms are, not even about the premiere luxury amenities and services, they are about an experience, which starts as guests walk right from the front door – at the lobby.

As the first space guests see when walking in the hotel, lobbies need to be paid extra attention to! This space can promptly define the rest of the hotel and there is no greater indicator of quality than the lobby, after all, if the lobby looks both inviting and stunning you can only expect the service to be outstanding.

Discover 5 incredible lobbies that will take your breath away below!

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Located in a landmark building in the center of Cleveland, the Hyatt Regency‘s stunning lobby amazes guests right as they walk in. The layout of the space almost resembles a luxury shopping gallery and is filled with natural light thanks to its glass ceilings.

Trump International Hotel Washington

Washington D.C., USA

Most Beautiful Hotel Lobbies In The World 02

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Built in 1910, the Savoy Hotel sits on an iconic neo-baroque building., designed by the popular Italian architect – Geronimo Agostini.  The impressive lobby was once a ballroom and it’s a dreamy space adorned with chandeliers, marble columns, golden accents, and frescoes. The hotel has been remodeled and is the perfect balance between timeless elegance and modern refinement.

When walking in The Fairmont, located in San Francisco, you’ll be surrounded by luxury. Every detail, from the marble columns to the blue velvet accents and the lush greenery creates a very unique and refined interior that will transport you to a Holywood movie!  With 600 rooms and great amenities, this hotel is considered by many as one of the best luxury hotels in the San Francisco area.

Four Seasons Hotels are known for their stunning luxury hotels that offer prime service and amenities. That is, of course, the case of the Gresham Palace in Budapest. This hotel is like no other and is located at an Art Noveau Palace. The lobby is, of course, amazing, with its glass dome ceiling and a chandelier in the center of a room.

There are many hotels, which lobbies could be considered the most beautiful hotel lobbies in the world, but this is our selection!

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