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Magna Collection: The Elegance Of Natural And Raw Lines

Magna Collection: The Elegance Of Natural And Raw Lines – In today’s article, LUXXU Blog allows you to immerse yourself in this pool of light with the new Magna collection. From a statement chandelier to an imponent floor light, all of the Magna collection’s designs exude a pendulum-like elegance and an elongated trapezium form. Each piece is inspired by the raw lines and natural textures of mountains and combines modern design with cutting-edge innovation to make a statement.

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Magna Collection: The Elegance Of Natural And Raw Lines

Magna Collection

Magna Chandelier

Magna Chandelier is a work of art, like the entire Magna collection, that was inspired by natural organic shapes, beauty, and mountain elevation. An item that combines modern design with traditional artisan processes. The shimmering metallic frame is composed of brass, and each portion has crystal white embellishments in the middle. Magna Chandelier will transform the ambiance of any room with its poetic beauty.

Magna Suspension

The Magna Suspension was inspired by the awe-inspiring beauty and elevation of mountains when it was designed as a powerful component. Three distinctive trapezium-like fixtures are included in this beautiful lighting design. To give each composition a noticeable snow-like display, as well as details of rocky surfaces, a sleek material like crystal white, was chosen. Brass highlights the gleaming outer frames. The pendular structure of Magna Suspension will provide interest and drama to any interior design.

Magna Pendant

Magna Pendant has a pendulum-like aesthetic with an elongated trapezium structure, giving it a three-dimensional appearance. Magna is encrusted with crystal white embellishments that evoke highlands and skylines within its dazzling brass frame. The natural textures of this pendant are designed to add depth and a sense of rarity to any environment in which it is put.

Magna I Floor Lamp

You’ve never seen a floor lamp like this before. Magna Floor I Lamp is a brand name for a type of I am a member of the Magna family, which was founded on our passion for natural textures, raw materials, and semi-precious stones. A piece that combines the best of both worlds within this Magna collection: excellent materials like brass and crystal, as well as a distinct beauty that will not be overlooked.

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Magna II Floor Lamp

With a luminous metallic border made of brass and a mountain-like core made of crystal white, the Magna Floor II Lamp is a piece with precisely geometric features and an exclusive style, inspired by the majesty of the mountains. This magnificent work will dazzle your eyes and arouse your greatest senses.

Magna Table Lamp

Magna I Table Lamp was inspired by LUXXU’s passion for raw materials, semi-precious stones, and natural textures, resulting in a flaming sculptural concept. This one-of-a-kind table lamp has a brass frame with an ambiguously geometric design and a crystal white center that looks like lava flows but is more crystalized. The Magna I Table Lamp will enhance the elegance of any interior design, especially if put together with other pieces from the Magna collection.

Magna Wall Lamp

Magna Wall Lamp is shaped like a long, truncated pyramid with a collection of strong traits, and it has exact geometric aspects. The gleaming metallic frame is composed of brass, and the mountain-like center was sculpted with crystal white. As though staring at the horizon, the Magna Wall Lamp will create sensations of concentration, alongside the other pieces from this Magna collection.

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