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Algerone Collection: An Innovative Concept Of Furniture

Algerone Collection: An Innovative Concept Of Furniture – Are you ready to immerse yourself in this revolutionary collection? The Algerone collection is influenced by architectural motifs and exudes a feeling of contemporary opulence. The majority of the pieces are made of Statuario marble, which adds to their strength and durability, while the grey color makes them perfect for any contemporary interior design. Continue reading as LUXXU Blog introduces you to new products that will add a unique touch to any of your rooms!

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Algerone Collection: An Innovative Concept Of Furniture

Algerone Collection – Upholstery

Algerone Sofa

The Algerone Sofa was designed to reflect the pinnacle of elegance and comfort in a single piece. This linear sofa, upholstered in smooth brown velvet, underlines the Algerone family’s signature classical forms and geometric characteristics. The Algerone Sofa will undoubtedly become the ideal focal point of any living room design.

Algerone Dining Chair

The Algerone Dining Chair was created to be a versatile addition to any classy dining room. Its structure is dressed in grey synthetic leather, with brass and wood elements adding a sense of modernism and timelessness. The perfect addition to this new Algerone collection!

Algerone Ottoman

Algerone Collection: An Innovative Concept Of Furniture

Algerone Ottoman is a neutral and warm-toned seating piece that will add personality to any home. It was painstakingly handmade and upholstered in brown velvet, with brass and shiny Eucalipto Frise Veneer accents. A luxurious piece that may be adapted to almost any ambiance or style.

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Algerone Collection – Tables

Algerone Dining Table

Algerone Collection: An Innovative Concept Of Furniture

Algerone Dining Table is a large rectangular dining table with a modern design inspired by architectural elements. The solidity and traditional quality of Statuario marble are highlighted in this classic sculpture, which is further emphasized by the presence of painstakingly placed brass lines. The combination of these materials creates an enticing decor statement within this Algerone collection.

Algerone Side Tables

The various versions of the Algerone Side Tables (Long, Set, Small, and Big) are a wonderful addition to the Algerone collection. They have an exquisite and modern design with geometric lines, which combines efficiency and versatility with subtle luxury. The atmosphere with these side tables will always be exquisite, as they’re made with premium materials such as polished brass, gray leather, and Statuário marble.

Algerone Center Table

The Algerone collection’s architectural allure has inspired a new design set appropriate for high-end locations such as a living room or a home cinema. The Algerone Set Center Table includes two tables, one larger and one smaller, for the total marble look. Leather, glass, and brass accents round off this sophisticated set.

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Algerone Collection – Casegoods

Algerone Bar Cabinet

With architectural characteristics, the Algerone Bar Cabinet is a clean and sumptuous design solution. Its main component is Statuario Marble, which gives it a powerful and long-lasting quality. The interior of the Algerone Bar Cabinet is made of smoked glass, polished brass, and glossy Eucalipto Frise Veneer. It’s designed to produce a great aesthetic effect in an open-concept space or a contemporary living room, like the rest of the Algerone collection.

Algerone Bookcase

The tall Algerone Bookcase, inspired by architectural aspects, is sure to provide a feeling of modern splendor to any home office area. A selection of stunning finishes, such as Statuario marble and glossy Eucalipto Frise Veneer, complement the polished brass accents found throughout.

Algerone Console

Algerone Collection: An Innovative Concept Of Furniture

Algerone Console is a luxurious console with sharp geometric characteristics that are influenced by architectural aspects. It was created, like its counterparts, to remind us of the unrivaled power and elegance that only marble can provide. It has a sleek base with synthetic leather and brass elements that supports the Statuario marble top. A design that will change the way you think about console tables.

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