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LUXXU’s finishes for all tastes

Luxxu Finishes Feature2

You’re in love with LUXXU’s glamour but you’re uncertain about a particular finish? Worry no more! All LUXXU’s pieces are customizable and you can choose the finish that suits you best. From the classic 14K gold-plated, to the brushed black nickel, we provide various finishes so your project turns out to be perfect! Check all possible combinations between metal, crystal glass and cords and start planning your ideal lighting fixture!

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Empire Chandelier Silver Ambar Finishes

All materials that make up one LUXXU lamp can be customized, from the structure, through wiring and support, ending in glass crystals.


Our premium choice of metal is brass however it may be finished with various types of baths, such as: 14k gold, black nickel or copper. The finish that can be brushed or plated, as the brightness you want to instill in the piece.

Explosion Suspension Gold Plated

All items are handmade, including the crystal glass. Whether they’re tubes, prisms or, as in this Explosion Suspension, spikes, any shape can be created, becoming just one unique lamp! The color of the glass itself can also be manipulated acquiring specific tones such as amber.



Waterfall Chandelier Gold Plated

The electric cables and support chains can also be customized as required. The cords may be coated in fabric or rubber, while the chains can carry the same finish as the metal part. The color of this elements can be gold, silver, white or black. And don’t worry about the weight! All the materials will sustain even the heaviest of chandeliers, like this amazing Waterfall Chandelier!

Luxxu Suspension Lamps

One of the signatures is the use of Swarovski crystals in some of our pieces giving that touch of jewelry to the final work! From transparent to black, passing through amber and antique golden these little elements turn your luminaire into an elegant and extremely valuable piece!

So, please feel free to check all the finishes possibilities on our website and leave your opinion on the comment section below!

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