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“Light is Time” creates a unique experience of light design


The amazing light design featured in “Light is Time” is the result of the collaboration between the Japanese watchmaker Citizen and the Parisian architect Tsuyoshi Tane of DGT. This art installation is made from 80,000 “base-plates”, the structural device that supports all of a watch’s components. It gets its inspiration on the very simplest of concepts, the base of any conception of time: without light there would be no time.

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The base-plats are the nuclear element of any watch, and in this art work they reflect the nuclear element of time, the light. The orchestration of sound and light in a unique experience pretends to make people feel a sense of time and light like they never had before. Only the perception of light’s influence in life made possible a concept of time, although this intrinsic connection is often forgotten.

Light is Time Light Design

By literally highlighting this connection, Citizen Watch wants to remember that “without light we never would have had the wonders of the universe, the richness of our planet or the joy and pleasure of our life.” The manifestation of light’s return to time is the great challenge of “21st-century light” for the Japanese brand.

Light is Time Light Design

As a contemporary lighting brand, Luxxu prevails in creating unique lighting experiences by combining classic forms with modern light design, resulting in a celebration of light in life.


“Light is Time” is now part of Tokyo’s Spiral Gallery but was actually first showcased during the Milan Design Week. Until you have the opportunity to visit it, you can have a sense of that inspiring and unique work of art by watching the video below:

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