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LUXXU aim to greatness through strong design concept

LUXXU design concept Feature

A strong design concept is important to instill strength, discretion and functionality to any kind of design work. We at LUXXU are inspired by a luxury lifestyle and great power statement, two features associated with the most beautiful architectural works in the world. That’s why we bring to light the best and most beautiful interpretations of those buildings creating unique and exclusive lighting fixtures! Get to know more about LUXXU’s pieces and its inspirations!


Luxxu Pendant Lamps

Luxxu design concept babel

This inspiration requires a particular approach because is still a myth, “The babel Tower”. With Babel Chandelier LUXXU brings the fantasy of detail to reality through magnificent and lush crystals.

LUXXU design concept BurjAlArab

Burj chandelier is inspired in one of the most stunning hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab. Like the hotel this master piece is a symbol of modern age and luxury together. It’s also a strong structure, extremely decorative, fully made of gold plated brass, with a delicately handmade glass tubes.

LUXXU design concept Empire

One of our main gold is our Empire Chandelier, inspired in the stunning architectural building, the Empire State Building. This masterpiece is an extravagant shape full of modernity capable to transform every space in a stunning scenario. This is a natural decor piece that creates an exclusive atmosphere.

LUXXU design concept Guggenheim

Hailed as the most important structure of its time, Guggenheim Museum is known as the “temple of the spirit” smoothing the way to look at modern art pieces. It was this connection that inspired us to create the Guggenheim Chandelier, a perfect lighting solution for your luxury home.

LUXXU design concept Liberty

This master piece is inspired in one of the most known statues in the world, The Statue of Liberty. Like the lady carries enlightenment to the world, Luxxu intends with this elegant design to enlighten all your projects.

LUXXU design concept Scala

Scala Chandelier is another Luxxu masterpiece! Inspired in the unique Scala Theater this piece is poetically made, with the most beautiful Swarovski crystals, becoming a unique piece that is capable of creating not only a perfect space but involve you in passionate emotions.

Delightfull Heritage Collection

To know more about LUXXU’s mission and design inspirations visit our website! You may also check our Pinterest boards and follow us on Twitter for on time news!


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