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Luxury News: Interview with Russian Interior Designer Anna Sakharova

Luxury News: New project by interior designer Anna Sakharova features Luxxu lighting collection

Within our journeys in London, UK , we managed to sit down with the amazing Anna Sakharova and ask her a few questions about her work. Anna Sakharova is a well known, successful designer within the russian industry and in one of her most recent projects, she delievered a requinted and luxurious interior for a client.

Within a white, delicate color pallet, the interior designer, Anna Sakharova, decided to add a little bit of personality using Portuguese luxury brands. She opt for Boca do Lobo‘s extravagant and unique Heritage Sepia sideboard and the golden Sinuous console to provide a bold look to the space. To complete the setting, the interior designer selected a few pieces of LUXXU’s lighting collection, that included the stunning Waterfall Rectangular Suspension to add some drama, and decorated the walls with sophisticated Burj Wall lamps.

Luxury News: Interview with Russian Interior Designer Anna Sakharova

Being in love with our work is always the key to achieve better results. Are you in love with your job? What do you love the most about being an interior designer?  

To be an interior designer without being in love with your job is impossible! Without love, nothing works properly. Creating design for interiors it’s a day and night process, scrolling images and defining goals in the mind, searching for inspiration in pieces, events and people you meet on your way… Of course we take a rest but, we don’t have weekends off and even during holidays I always have something to sketch, photograph or write. Ideas can come from anywhere. And that’s why, this marathon of creativity can only be managed with great love for what you do.

Luxury News: Interview with Russian Interior Designer Anna Sakharova

How important it is to have a good chemistry between you and your clients to achieve better results?

A good understanding of the customer, or rather feel customers test is extremely important. This understanding doesn´t come immediately. It takes time, to offer the best customer solutions. As soon as the understanding is achieved, quality and quantity of right decisions increase, and in a relaxed, creative atmosphere we are working until the end of the project.

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How would you describe your style? Do you have any personal “signature”?

I’m a professional interior designer and I can work in any style, of course I have my own “handwriting”, but it is not expressed in the style of the interior. You may see it in the details and colors.

Luxury News: Interview with Russian Interior Designer Anna Sakharova

Choosing the right piece for a design set might seem an easy task. However, it takes a long time  to find the perfect match. Which advices do you have for those who do not know how to start a challenge like this?

Giving advice to people in a creative search is meaningless because the right decisions don´t exist. There is a solution that was created here and now, in a purpose to respond to specific expectations and satisfy the customer.

Luxury News: Interview with Russian Interior Designer Anna Sakharova

Why did you choose LUXXU Modern Lamps to be featured in your last project?

The brand LUXXU I discovered when looking for unusual, interesting, bright accent solutions for the customer. For a customer who isn´t afraid of non-standard solutions in the interior, but wants to get high-quality and comfortable accessories. LUXXU seemed perfect for this project.

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