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Luxury Christmas Decorations You Should be Using

A selection of Luxury Christmas Decorations that will instantly transform your home decor for this season

The world seems to get much more beautiful during Christmas. The cities’ landscapes get lighten up with dazzling, gigantic Christmas trees…wonderful lighting decor all over the place, joyful christmas songs in the streets…simply an amazing season.

Luxury Christmas Decorations You Should be Using

Families get together more often and seem to forget about the all the bads in life. Christmas presents, excelent food and sweets, events all around us, it’s such a wonderful season to pamper your home and make guests feel honored to be present. For that reason, we decided to bring you some Luxury Christmas Decorations you can use to liven up your home decor and make it shine throughout the holidays.

Rose Gold Christmas Tree

Luxury Christmas Decorations You Should be Using

Rose Gold become the biggest trend in the fashion industry this year. Why not use it for your christmas tree as well? We believe that white and gold combinations can truly make any environment look more luxurious. Give your all when decorating your Chritmas tree, it is the most important and traditional symbol for this season and the first thing guests notice when entering your home. Make sure to add fake snow effect on your decoration it will make other elements stand out and look more sophisticated.

Metalic Candle holders

Luxury Christmas Decorations You Should be Using

Candle holders are one of the most luxurious christmas decorations, in our humble opinion. They provide a traditional, cozy touch and makes your home look unique and sophisticated. Choose metalic colors like Bronze, Gold and Silver, they are the most suitable for this season.

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Glass Center Pieces

Luxury Christmas Decorations You Should be Using

We love this decoration idea! Glass is such a wonderful material to be using this season, especially when you put decorative items inside it. It enables a minimalist yet stunning touch to your christmas table. Make sure to pair it up with a great lighting pendant to intensify the luxurious look.

Decorative Satin Bows

Luxury Christmas Decorations You Should be Using

At Luxxu we believe that beauty of luxury is within the smallest details, thats also why we’re into the lighting business. To use decorative satin bows like these, is the perfect finale for your luxury christmas decorations. It adds a delicate, mature appearance to your dinner table and, with the help of some fake leaves, you turn this simple idea into a dazzling, unique touch.

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