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Luxury Getaways Perfect for Nature Lovers

Luxury Getaways Perfect for Nature Lovers 01

Luxury getaways and contact with nature are not usually associated. But we have the perfect suggestions for those who love nature as much as a luxury escape.

For many nature lovers finding the perfect getaway that combines luxury and nature is not easy! Luxury resorts and hotels are not generally the best when it comes to contact with nature, especially with animals. Yet, there are some truly amazing options out there. From luxury hotels in exotic locations that have giraffes on location to hidden gems that have falconry lessons available to the guests.

Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire

Luxury Getaways Perfect for Nature Lovers 02

A retreat in the English countryside, the Four Season Hotel Hampshire features equestrian experiences for riders of all skill levels.

The Kahala Hotel & Resort

Luxury Getaways Perfect for Nature Lovers 03

This luxury resort in Hawaii is located near a lagoon that is home to a family of Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins. The hotel offers programs where guests can interact with them. It’s the perfect place for a luxury getaway.

Wilderness Safaris Abu Camp

Luxury Getaways Perfect for Nature Lovers 04

Don’t be fooled by the word camp, this place in Botswana is extremely luxurious!  If you stay there you will have contact with a friendly elephant herd. The place itself is surrounded by nature and has a lagoon nearby.

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Luxury Getaways Perfect for Nature Lovers 05

Located in Scotland, the estate offers several animal-related activities, including falconry, horseback riding, and gundog lessons, with the 12 fully trained Labradors. The inside is also incredibly luxurious.

Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa

Luxury Getaways Perfect for Nature Lovers 06

This one, located in the wilderness, on Ireland, invites guests to falconry lessons and birds of prey displays. Take a look at their website to see the amazing indoor areas.

Giraffe Manor

Luxury Getaways Perfect for Nature Lovers 07

This exquisite boutique hotel, located in an indigenous forest in Nairobi is the perfect escape from city life. Located in an iconic building with elegant interiors and verdant gardens, it delights the guests with the presence of friendly giraffes that might peek inside your window.

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