London’s Design: Interview with Vega Home

Vega Home was founded by Elizaveta Pozina to provide professional services in design, construction and management of private residential properties. Luxxu talks with the designer and today we present you her answers!

Why did you chose the world of interior design?
I, Elizaveta Pozina, am founder of Vega Home limited. I grew up with an ambition to be come a world renowned architect. My father has a private and commercial construction business and I was involved with his projects even whilst I was still at school.
How would you describe your style?
Vega Home limited assists private clients with creation of luxury interiors and architectural projects. The team has experience working with many different styles, which are transformed from our clients brief. The wide selection of completed projects is shown in our Portfolio section

Interview with Vega Home bathroom
Is there anything exciting that you are working on at the moment that you can tell us about? Any new projects?
Vega Home is developing strong connections with multi-development projects in London and overseas. We are selected to work on multiple residential properties because of our strong connections with many European suppliers.
What do you love about being an interior designer? What is more difficult to design?
We are passionate about quality of service, attention to detail and technical advances within our professional field.

Interview with Vega Home living room
Where do you take your inspiration from?
We follow latest trends in the world of interiors and regularly are invited to attend international fairs, where much of our inspiration is drawn from.
What is your philosophy on design and in life?
Effortless effort, truthfulness to ourselves and people around us. Uncompromising quality in any form of creating, including our lives.

Interview with Vega Home fireplace
What is your favorite project that you created? Why?
We learn as we progress – every project has its special value.
Which design brands do you love the most? Why?
Design brands which create uncompromising quality products.

Interview with Vega Home style
What are the Strangest Project Requests a Client Ever Made?
We regard our clients’ preferences as our priorities as they trust us to create their interiors. We pride ourselves in providing them with professional advise and leadership on the path of creation.
What do you think about Luxxu’s designs?
Brave expression of design ideas, materialised in beautiful products.

What do you think about Home Vega’s design?

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