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Gregor Drobnic: Meeting The Mastermind Behind Otto von Berlin

Gregor Drobnic: Meeting The Mastermind Behind Otto von Berlin – Today, in this LUXXU Blog‘s article, we present the work of Gregor Drobnic, a Berlin-based interior designer and architect who founded the famed Otto Von Berlin firm. Over the last 15 years, Gregor has worked on a variety of interior set and event design projects in Germany, Eastern Europe, and the Balkans. His brand was created for creative environments, providing a one-of-a-kind mix of ideas and services for the ideal home or public space. He is customer-focused, incorporating creative methods, functional visualizations, a passionate perspective junkie, and a unique urban style enthusiast into the environment. His specific strength is in customizing visual ideas to turn people’s ambitions into a personal environment; his problems are in turning a plain area into a visually and practical eye-catcher.

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Gregor Drobnic: Meeting The Mastermind Behind Otto von Berlin

Unveiling Gregor Drobnic‘s Talent

Gregor Drobnic: Meeting The Mastermind Behind Otto von Berlin


How did you get into the field of interior design?

Gregor Drobnic: When I was about five years old, my family and I were on vacation in Croatia. “Who chooses what the buildings look like and how the rooms are set?” I asked my father as we sat in front of a hotel. “They are called architects, and they draft plans and specify the layouts of the building,” he explained. That was it: I had discovered my actual calling. My profession progressed by moving furniture from one wall to another in my child’s room, and it always worked out. Fast forward to university, where I completed classical architecture and discovered my passion for interior design. Space has always been my greatest source of inspiration.

Gregor Drobnic: Meeting The Mastermind Behind Otto von Berlin

What would you say your working style is? Do you have any signatures that aid in the identification of your projects?

Gregor Drobnic: I enjoy cutting phantom aches into gaps. That being stated, I can now officially declare that my architectural side has emerged. These aches assist me in meticulously planning the arrangement of a project. The light line follows the furniture pattern, and the focal wall is frequently placed where the arches intersect.

Gregor Drobnic: Meeting The Mastermind Behind Otto von Berlin

Being passionate about our work is always the route to improved success. Is this a career that you adore? What is it about being an interior designer that you enjoy the most?

Gregor Drobnic: My work is a pleasure for me, and I enjoy it. When I’m working on a project, I don’t mind staying up late or working on weekends. ‘I have a job,’ I was never a huge admirer of stating. The nicest part of a project is when my thoughts come to life and the space I’ve been preparing for a long time takes on a realistic shape, along with beautiful scenery (which was before happening in my head).

Gregor Drobnic: Meeting The Mastermind Behind Otto von Berlin

Anyone who wants to succeed in this business must keep up with all of the latest trends. How do you stay up to date with new trends?

Gregor Drobnic: Following new trends is crucial, but how you mix these trends into new ventures is even more important. I don’t want my finished projects to look like everyone else’s on the market.

What significant international events do you attend to stay up to date on the current trends?

Gregor Drobnic: I’ll be at Maison Object in Paris and Salone del Mobile in Milan, for sure.

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How would you define your personal decorating style, best interior designers?

Gregor Drobnic: Decoration is the sweet cherry on top of the interior, and I’m always thinking about what it takes to get to this point, and where this vase, those cushions, the flowerpot, or the statue should go. I dislike so-called dust collectors since every object must also have a meaning. I always start with a function that follows the shape when layering the decoration in a project.

Gregor Drobnic: Meeting The Mastermind Behind Otto von Berlin

All artists, including interior designers, require inspiration to work. So, who or what inspires you the most?

Gregor Drobnic: I live my life with my eyes wide open! Berlin is my home base, and I get inspired while roaming around the city with my dog Otto. It happens frequently; for example, when I first walk into a new building, I won’t say much since I’m absorbing the surroundings. What was the designer’s intention and how was it carried out? I enjoy experimenting with both hard and soft materials, and I’m always interested in seeing a material combination in the room.

I’m a major fan of 1950s brutalist architecture, which is why I enjoy going across history to witness perfect instances of brutalist architecture. The scale gives me a weird experience, but the love affair between the scale and all the hidden intricacies is my main source of inspiration.

Gregor Drobnic: Meeting The Mastermind Behind Otto von Berlin

Which project would you choose if you had to choose one from around the world to make?

Gregor Drobnic: Elrod House in Palm Springs! Concrete and monument structures appeal to me much. When I first saw it in the James Bond film “Diamonds are Forever,” I fell in love with it.


How crucial is it for you and your clients to have ideal chemistry in order to obtain the best results?

Gregor Drobnic: Chemistry is one of the most crucial aspects of completing a project; if it is lacking, I would sooner abandon the project than continue with it.

Gregor Drobnic: Meeting The Mastermind Behind Otto von Berlin

Do you think working in a team is better or worse than working alone in interior design? Why?

Gregor Drobnic: It depends entirely on the project’s scope. I design private flats and houses with my clients on a personal basis, which takes time to earn their trust and belief. This is also why I plan things mostly on my own, with backup support in the background if necessary. I constantly tell my clients that I want to turn this apartment into your ideal home, but there are some challenges ahead of us. You must consider more individuals who interact in this layout while building retail, hospitality, and office projects.

Gregor Drobnic: Meeting The Mastermind Behind Otto von Berlin


Is there anything exciting you’re working on right now that you can share with us?

Gregor Drobnic: I’m now working on three home projects, all of which have completely distinct layouts and clientele, which is what fascinates me the most. When I initially walked into one of these apartments, I said to myself, “What an ugly duck ready to be changed into a swan.” The entrance, kitchen, dining room, and living room are all centered on a large monospace (too many electricity outputs on the ceiling and a really nice floor). The upper floor is accessible by a staircase. Its appearance does not correspond to the notion. After a lot of stacking with various materials, colors, and textures, lighting, I can’t wait to see the project finished!

Gregor Drobnic: Meeting The Mastermind Behind Otto von Berlin

As a designer, what is your proudest achievement? What are your long-term objectives?

Gregor Drobnic: I am quite happy of my prize from the Finest Interior Award, which I earned in 2017 in the area of Finest Interior with Art & Accessories. My work is my life, and the best achievement is if people like what I do and become my clients as a result of what I’ve discovered previously.

Gregor Drobnic: Meeting The Mastermind Behind Otto von Berlin

Do you have a favorite project or a favorite project-related story?

Gregor Drobnic: I began my work in interior design as a personal furniture shopper, assisting clients in finding their ideal house. Soon after, a Berlin journalist noticed my work and conducted an interview with me for the local publication. I never expected this interview to bring my interior design career full circle. A day later, I received a request for a brand-new loft in Kreuzberg. The rest is a legend.

There are three doorways in this loft. Two bathroom doors and the main entrance. I was designing a lot of built-in closets that also serve as room separators. The materials I recommended in my design intent were corten rusted steel and concrete throughout. This was my first attempt at combining two hefty materials.

At the time, the client elected to keep them plain white. “I’m a little terrified about this mix,” she said. ‘Gregor, you were correct, I can’t see this white furniture longer, and I went back on the scenery and planned perfect rusty steel closets, and the material mixture is great,’ I received an e-mail three years later.

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