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5 Gorgeous Indoor Pool Design Ideas

5 Gorgeous Indoor Pool Design Ideas 04

Take a look at these incredible indoor pool design ideas! From luxury hotels to private homes, you’ll love these ideas!

Although outdoor swimming pools sound way more attractive than indoor ones, during the Winter months indoor pools are a wonderful alternative for all those who still love to swim!

And if you think the beauty of outdoor pools can’t be matched, these indoor ones we’re about to show you will change your mind!  Check these luxury designs.

5 Gorgeous Indoor Pool Design Ideas 01

This pool in the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel in Dubai will make you feel as if you were swimming in the clouds! With great views and a luxury interior, this is the ultimate luxury pool! But nothing else could be expected from one of the world’s greatest luxury hotel!

5 Gorgeous Indoor Pool Design Ideas 02

And speaking of pools with a view, this one located at the Four Seasons Hotel Pudong will allow guests to enjoy a swim in an infinity pool while overlooking Shanghai.

5 Gorgeous Indoor Pool Design Ideas 03

This stunning one is located inside the Hearst Castle, a California Historical Landmark mansion. This tiled pools is also surrounded by eight statues of Roman mythology’s figures.

5 Gorgeous Indoor Pool Design Ideas 04

An entertainment area featuring a pool is also a good idea. Keep in mind that the design of the area should be thought as it were any other room in the house.

5 Gorgeous Indoor Pool Design Ideas 05

Last week we covered some sunroom design ideas. An indoor pool in a sunroom-type of  room would be a great choice! Don’t forget a crystal chandelier over the pool for the ultimate design!

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source: architecturaldigest.com and impressiveinteriordesign.com

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