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Do’s and Don’ts of Dining Room Lighting

Do's and Don'ts of Dining Room Lighting

Much like fashion,  interior design is constantly evolving every year, with the emergence of new artists and visionaries that aim to revolutionize the industry and share their expertise with the world. When talking about home décor, you can definitely see that. The concept of luxury has been changing and nowadays the dining room lighting is somehow a little bit less extravagant than a few years back.

Decorating your dining room is not a simple task. There are plenty of things to think about… furniture, rugs, wall coverings… and they might take up the most of the time, but it’s in the small details where the beauty of interior design is hidden. So it might not always be at the top of your list but ambient lighting is one of them. For that reason we decided to give you some useful lighting tips on how to create a stunning but functional luxurious set of lighting for your formal dining room.


Combine different types of lighting

Do's and Don'ts of Dining Room Lighting

Table lamps, floor lamps, lighting fixtures, you don’t need to have them all in your dining room but there should be at least two. Lighting is an important decorative element. Play with it.

Add Lights in addition to a pendant or chandelier

Do's and Don'ts of Dining Room Lighting

Centered pendants and chandeliers are a must for luxurious interiors… dining rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms. However, you should prevent the corners of your dining room from getting dark. Pamper your home with beautiful wall lamps, for example.

Mount the pendant or chandelier 32 to 36 inches above the table

Do's and Don'ts of Dining Room Lighting

It’s important to give use to your chandelier and not only use it as a decorative, luxury statement. Make sure your guests are able to see each other.


Don’t use just one pendant or chandelier

Do's and Don'ts of Dining Room Lighting

It really depends on the size of the space. Larger dining room tables are best highlighted with multiple lighting pieces. Take everything in consideration before you decide to light up your formal dining room.

Don’t forget to light your artwork

Do's and Don'ts of Dining Room Lighting

Ambient lighting can truly accentuate the beautiful elements within a single space. If you have artworks you’d like to show off, please do. Choose lighting pieces that are able emphasize it without completely steal the attention.

Don’t Ignore the importance of task lighting

Do's and Don'ts of Dining Room Lighting

This lighting tip goes for any other areas of your house. When talking about decorating your office, kitchen and dining room you should definitely make sure that the lighting covers the entire space. It’s a basic necessity for when performing tasks like eating and working.

Hope you manage to try out this lighting tips and create the most stunning and luxurious dining room set for your guests.