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Discover This Amazing Project By Tatiana Mironova

Discover This Amazing Project By Tatiana Mironova – In this article LUXXU Blog explores yet another great interior design project, this time by Russian designer Tatiana Mironova. With a mix of colours, textures and details, the project will for sure capture your attention. Continue reading to discover more!

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Discover This Amazing Project

By Tatiana Mironova

Tatiana Mironova is a master when it comes to mixing styles and aesthetics in her interiors. From wall details to fabrics, everything is different but matches in the most perfect way. By mixing Parisian and Greek influences with modern design, Tatiana created a living room with a unique style.

Get the look:

Empire II Wall Lamp

LUXXU’s Empire Chandelier brings an opulent touch to the decor. This massive chandelier was inspired by the Empire State Building and is an absolute piece of grandeur design. Placed in a typical palatial symmetry, they create a balanced harmony with the fireplace.

Get the look:

Empire Chandelier

The dining room was created around the beautiful dining table with a green top and glass support. There is also a winter garden created by the different plants used. The Empire Snooker Suspension hovers above the dining space, creating and sophisticated and unique atmosphere.

Get the look:

Empire Snooker Suspension

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The white tones and intricate classic details create a feeling of grandeur in this kitchen. All the nuances are provided here – from open showcases for storing dishes to built-in appliances and a wine cooler. The island is the same height as the main countertop and is complemented by elegant bar stools that add a colourful accent to the room

This house reflects the concept of interiors in which charismatic objects are brought together and create a bright, self-sufficient and balanced image.

Get the look:

Burj Chandelier and Babel Wall Lamp

The hall on the second floor offers an upper view of the living room and a relaxing sitting area perfect for a book-reading session. The lighting is provided by LUXXU’s Majestic Suspension. The recreation of the Majestic acquires another level, with bonhomie emancipation of lighting, the glow takes the form of a golden plated brass circle. Made with the finest material, each ribbed crystal glass cylinder creates an atmosphere of irresistible exposure and exclusivity.

Get the look:

Majestic Suspension

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The master bedroom was designed in pastel soothing colours, that provide it with an elegant and timeless look. Located on the first floor, the room is illuminated by the delicate Trump Chandelier, a large gold crystal chandelier was sculpted to convey a similar aesthetic of its lineage, combined with pendants from the same collection.

Get the look:

Trump Chandelier and Trump Pendant

On the third floor we find yet another sitting area, perfect to gather the family. This space is located under the roof, so its appearance is influenced by the broken plane of the ceiling and four load-bearing columns, which are decorated with a frieze of flutes. All this gives the interior harmony and rigor. Characteristic furniture is also used here – an elegant sofa, a figured rack and a sculptural console, as well as an extraordinary floor lamp.

Get the look:

Empire Suspension

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