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Design MEETings with Bond Interiors – Not only interior designers make up the world of interior design, so we like to bring in other perspectives and we interviewed people related to the field who are not interior designers. This way we are able to enrich the information and insights that are given.

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The Present and Future of Interior Design lies in Sustainability


Talking to Saad Moaswes from Bond Interiors was one such example. 

Not being a native of Dubai, Saad went there at a very young age with his family, and since then Dubai is his home! Even though he has traveled extensively, studied, and worked in other countries, it always feels good to return and Dubai is always “the home!” 

Saad has been part of Bond Interiors since its conception in 1986. For 35 years, therefore, he has been the Managing Director of the company.

Bond Interior started to provide the best possible fit out experience for their clients, accommodating changes along the way,  while making sure the project is handed in on time and client is satisfied.

It started as a small interior maintenance company, and they are now one of the largest high-end interior companies, in the United Arab Emirates, employing approximately 2000 employees. And most importantly, their vision has never changed.



Saad admits to having less involvement in the construction and interior design aspects of the company at the moment, and this is because they have such a well-prepared company with excellent support in all aspects, which allows him to dedicate himself mostly to client business and finance. 

However, working at Bond Interiors since its inception, he has already been very actively involved in various aspects of the company. And if there’s one thing that makes him happy, it’s seeing how many Bond Interiors has grown and what it has accomplished, having already achieved a number of large and recognized projects

The project that Saad remembers the most and that has a special place in his heart is the Hotel ME by Meliá in Dubai in 2019, designed by renowned interior designer Zaha Hadid. Saad admits that it was a challenging and difficult project to execute. And for that very reason, it becomes even more special. When something difficult becomes real and the end result becomes one of the most incredible hotels in Dubai, you can only be proud, we imagine! 

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This led us to ask Saad what Bond Interiors has as a differential to make big companies want to work with them and big projects like this come up. “There are two things: the quality and the fact that we are very, very client-centric; we respect our clients”. 

Another example that makes us see that the secret of success is customer focus. Something that we, Meetsales, also value and have as our mission and vision.

Another of Bond Interiors’ secrets is their own production. Here a very important and interesting value that they take into consideration comes in: sustainability.

Society is becoming more and more aware of the importance of environmental responsibility. This makes more people want to incorporate sustainability principles into their interiors. The fact that Bond Interiors takes this into consideration and implements this value in the company is wonderful. 


Saad has always considered sustainability an important point in the business area, and the company created a department for energy conservation studies.

A new factory was built in Dubai Industrial City, that cover the Hospitality, F&B, Residential, Healthcare & Corporate industries, also with this concern, where the roof was prepared for solar panels and the walls themselves have a specific system where they can also conserve energy. This was partnered with Tecnalia from Spain. Tecnalia is a leading research and technological development center in Europe whose mission is to transform technology into GDP to improve people’s quality of life.

They also have a water recycling plant. Instead of the water being wasted, it is reused for planting. 

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There is also concern about not creating unused leftovers that cause waste. All the leftover materials they work with their own productions, such as glass, for example, are recycled and then taken away by a recycling company. 

In addition, the factory is very close to where the workers live, so they only need to walk across the street to get to work. Here again, the concept of sustainability comes into the equation, even if in a more indirect way, since they do not need to use transportation, such as cars, to get to and from work. 

These are just a few examples that Saad gave us, in order to show that Bond Interiors really cares about preserving the environment. It serves as an excellent example that it is possible for a large successful company to adopt certain measures that contribute to a better and more sustainable future.

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This concern, as Saad says, is not a quest for certificates. It is something that is maintained over time.  Step by step, they adopt and adapt to better measures for the company, for its employees, and also for the environment. So that, in the end, everything is better for everyone. Always focused on the future and on preserving what belongs to everyone! 

The concern and care of Bond Interior are present in all aspects, not only in the environmental one. In this pandemic time we are going through, the company had all the care with their employees. Protecting them to avoid contamination and also providing vitamins to strengthen the immune system in case of possible infection, to be better prepared at a health level. 

Isn’t it admirable the level of concern that Bond Interiors demonstrates? This is an incredible example and motivation for more and more companies to have human and environmental concerns, beyond the financial and profit ones. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about people!  

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Watch the full Design meeting down below. 

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