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COVETED 20th Edition – The Editor’s Letter

COVETED 20th Edition – The Editor’s Letter ⇒  CovetED 20th Edition is out! These past two years have been some challenging years. A lot has changed, both in the world and within our lives, but change does not necessarily mean a bad thing. Evolution, transformation, we’ve overcome some unprecedented challenges in our lives. We’ve grown, and adapted, and with it, new opportunities arose. With this in mind, we take the opportunity to present the first edition of the magazine as Editor in Chief for CovetED, a new professional adventure, but a very personal and very close to my heart new challenge.

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Coveted 20th Edition

COVETED 20th Edition  – Editor’s Letter  Always in the search for the paramount of luxury and design across the seven seas and around the world, the 20th edition will take you on a trip across the creme de la creme of the interior design universe. As the world starts to open its doors once again, the Design Capitals Issue has a special guide to the design capitals, where you’ll find an exquisite selection of the best landmarks, events, experiences, restaurants, and hotels in each city. So, grab a copy of the latest edition and enjoy your trip with us. The issue will explore more than trends, it will explore the future and the ever-changing world of tendencies, and the stylish trends we covet.  

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COVETED 20th Edition - The Editor's Letter
COVETED 20th Edition - The Editor's Letter

And what about trendsetters and trailblazers around the world? CovetED has got you covered as well, with exclusive interviews with the best interior designers from every design capital in the world. COVETED 20th Edition   By speaking of capitals, this issue could not be complete without the Special Guide to the Design Capitals where we give you the best tips to enjoy the design metropolises, with a selection of the best landmarks, events, experiences, restaurants, and hotels in each city. Also, for every design aficionado, this edition will provide an extensive selection of showrooms city by city, for you to elevate your trip to the true design paramount. COVETED 20th  – Editor’s Lette Diving not only in the deep waters of the interior design ocean, but swimming across the trendiest details in the fashion industry, and giving you an insight with a curated selection of places, inspirations, projects, and books for you to get lost in.  

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