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Colorful projects by Karim Rashid

The list of the best known personalities in the world of design also include Karim Rashid. Recognised immediately thanks to his fresh and truly unique style, use of fantastic curves and mesmerizing plays of colour. Today we selected 7 wonderful projects, full of colors! Take a look!

Colorful projects by Karim Rashid beach club

This is Matisse Beach Club in Scarborough, in Perth, Australia. It’s very welcoming, don’t you think?

Colorful projects by Karim Rashid private house

This is Apartman Dairesi, a prive house by Karim Rashid. We love the gold accents in the room!

Colorful projects by Karim Rashid restaurant

Here we have a Beautiful Food Court Decoratio. Love the design’s chairs!

Semiramis Hotel. Yes! Hotels. Athens. Photo by Cathy Cunliffe 2010
Here we have the restaurant of Semiravis Hotel. It’s very welcoming and it seems so comfortable! The colors are very beautiful. 

Colorful projects by Karim Rashid pool

Swimming pool outdoor design. The pool’s design is very interesting and the orange color remind us the sun!

 This is Komb House, in Miami. Designed to have a minimum impact on the environment, the Komb House is a dwelling that utilises technology to create traditions, customs, and a sense of family and community. Incorporated within the house are ecological concepts like solar panel heated water, energy efficient appliances, the reuse of pluvial and grey water, low energy LED lighting, and raised radiant flooring. The Komb House mainly comprising materials like wood, metal, glass and solar panels, which means that it can easily be disassembled and reused.
Colorful projects by Karim Rashid room
To finish, we have a Modern Innovative Apartment Design! What do you think about it?

What is your opinion about Karim Rashid’s style?
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