The Best Luxury Spas For Mother’s Day

The Best Luxury Spas For Mother's Day 04

Spas for Mother’s Days are always a great idea! It’s the perfect plan, either to gift or for some good quality time! Discover 5 great luxury spas around the world.

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With Mother’s day right around the corner, it’s time to start planning a well-deserved surprise! Whether you opt for a gift or a weekend getaway there are endless options! Today however we’ll show you some of the best spas for a special occasion.

Spas are always a great idea! Especially to gift to someone in dire need of some relaxation. There are many spread across the globe, but there are some that are definitely better than others! So take a look and start planning a spa getaway.

Golden Door

California, USA

The Best Luxury Spas For Mother's Day 01

Probably one of the most legendary health retreats in the USA and maybe even in the world. Established in the 1950s the Golden Doors has always attracted many of the rich and famous including Elizabeth Taylor. It’s the ultimate retreat and a great idea for a weekend hideaway!

Fairmont Gand Del Mar

San Diego, USA

The Best Luxury Spas For Mother's Day 02

Located inside the Fairmont Grand del Mar Hotel, this five-star spa features scenic landscapes and exceptional treatments that range from massages to deep-cleansing facials, every need will be met. Amenities include relaxation pools, saunas, indoor whirlpool. For Mother’s day weekend the hotel is hosting a series of events!



The Best Luxury Spas For Mother's Day 03

Asia is one of the favorite destinations when it comes to spa retreats, from Thailand to India it’s probably the region in the world where you can find the most incredible and unique treatments. This ultraluxe one located in Nui Chua National Park is a polished resort where relaxation is the rule. Private pools and a superb wellness center that joins ancient healing with modern spa treatments.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

The Best Luxury Spas For Mother's Day 04

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz situated at the base of Pizol Mountain with Lake Constance and the Alps nearby is worth for the amazing views alone! However, the spa is the leading medical spa in Switzerland and the treatments cover all sorts of things, from detox to stress relief, mobility issues to muscular disorders. The spa also features the first Swarovski glass-covered steam room.

Six Senses Douro Valley


The Best Luxury Spas For Mother's Day 05

This magnificent hotel located in the Douro wine region features a program that is focused on biomarkers (metabolism and body composition) and there are treatments for everyone, from high-tech skin treatments to vinotherapy. And with these incredible views, who can pass up on the opportunity to enjoy spa and wine? It’s probably one of the best spas for Mother’s day weekend!

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