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Best Interior Designers From Lithuania

Best Interior Designers From Lithuania 02

Discover the best interior designers from Lithuania, a list of interior designers and architects whose projects are incredible. Take a look!


Lithuania is known for being a country on the Baltic Sea with beautiful landscapes and wonderful castles. With a rich history and culture, we can only expect Lithuania has a lot more to offer!

That is the case of course for the interior design and the architecture industries, with firms popping up and talents emerging everywhere. Discover the work of these talented people and their amazing interior design projects.

Interejero Pasaka

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Based in Vilnius, and led by female Lithuanian interior designers this firm focus on modern and classic interior design projects. Luxurious and sophisticated lines and high-end materials (as marbles, crystals and such) define their projects that can be easily recognized. The firm works with all sorts of projects, from residential, to commercial and corporate. The firm also works in projects all over the world. Above the living room of a modern house located in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

Best Interior Designers From Lithuania 02

As for this project, filled with details and luxury accents is a great example of the firm’s wonderful work and style! The open concept space in the classic and modern home in Vilnius definitely portrays the whole concept of the interior design firm.

Visit Interjero Pasaka website to find out more about their work!

DO Architects

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Also based in Vilnius, DO Architects is an architecture firm responsible for dozens of projects in not only Lithuania but also in other countries, as Russia, Latvia, and Estonia. With a big team of architects ready to make any project come to life, you can expect the client list to include some special names, as is the case for Porsche. The firm has also designed several public and commercial spaces, as well as private residences and corporate offices.

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Discover more of their wonderful projects on their website.

There are many more names that could fit into this shortlist with some of the best interior designers from Lithuania, however, these two firms represent the best of both world, one has projects filled with luxury and details and the others are minimalist architects with a Scandinavian aesthetic.

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