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Bedroom Design – The Perfect Environment For A Millionaire Sleep

Bedroom Design – The Perfect Environment For A Millionaire Sleep – Exquisiteness and luxuriousness are the perfect ingredients that Luxxu combines in order to provide dreams of richness to anyone who adopts a luxurious lifestyle.

When it comes to this Kuala Lumpur condo, opulence is the prime adjective to characterize this space, and to give you a closer view of this wonderful area Luxxu Blog has put together this article that we are sure you will love. Stay with us to know more!

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Welcome to our bedroom design inspiration?

The Perfect Stage To Dream Of Opulence

Bedroom Design - The Perfect Environment For A Millionaire Sleep

Kuala Lumpur is known for being one of the cities with the highest number of millionaire residents and naturally, luxury and fabulousness is all that defines the interior design of this amazing bedroom where mesmerizing golden accents are beautifully allied to beige tones create a clean aesthetic that smoothly conveys a sense of relaxation and neutrality.

The décor of this space is simple and perfectly symmetric as you can observe by imperious design elements where the Empire family marks its presence in an abundant manner. Firstly with 2 Empire Nightstands, adorned with exclusive hardware from PullCast and white tones that offer purity and exclusiveness.

Furthermore, the luxurious furniture doesn’t end here, as Luxxu’s bespoke mastery is gorgeously demonstrated through the elegance of the 2 Empire Benches, customized masteffully with green furnishings in order to engratiate itself with the color pallete of the statement Charla Bed’s pillows.

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Charla Bed

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Imagine this luxury chandelier on your bedroom design?

Bedroom Design - The Perfect Environment For A Millionaire Sleep

Although this bedroom exudes incredible richness in its furniture selection, highlighting this side of this bedroom’s decorations is only possible due to the exquisite lighting. The eye-catcher of the room is the Luxxu’s Scala Plafond, a simply breathtaking piece that is the definition of a golden standard when it comes to plafond lights.

To round off this sumptuos ambiance with the luxurious duality aplied to the table lamps, a sophisticated pair of Needle Table Lamps was alocated to each of the nightstands and their lines beautifully compose a stunning bedroom décor.

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Empire Bench

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