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Top 5 Most Expensive Houses in Dubai

Top 5 Most Expensive Houses in Dubai 01

Take a peek at some of the most expensive houses in Dubai. Some are modern, some are traditional, but all evoke pure luxury.

Dubai is known for expensive cars, over the top five stars hotels with golden details and overall extreme luxury lifestyle. Of course, the houses could not be apart from this lifestyle.

From modern penthouses to traditional homes that look like mini palaces Dubai is filled with luxury properties that would be fit for the wealthiest people on earth.

See below 5 dreamy houses in DubaiTop 5 Most Expensive Houses in Dubai 02 Located in Emirates Hills, this villa is a true relaxation sanctuary. The property is surrounded by lush greenery. The swimming pool, the brightness, and the trees make this home very comfortable and livable.

Top 5 Most Expensive Houses in Dubai 03

This custom villa with a privileged view of Dubai’s skyline and a private waterfront area offers the most beautiful sunsets over the Arabian Gulf and panoramic ocean views. The luxury home has a private pool, private jacuzzi, and private gym.

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Top 5 Most Expensive Houses in Dubai 04

This modern villa, that looks like a mini-palace, is located right at the beach has a private pool and jacuzzi to offer. Besides having a breathtaking view, it also has 14 000 square foot of area.

Top 5 Most Expensive Houses in Dubai 05

This stunning modern villa keeps luxury fans at its feet! The property has 8 opulent bedrooms, a spa building, an air-conditioned car showroom and a beautiful outdoor area, with a pool a bar and a dining area, perfect for all the long summer nights!

Top 5 Most Expensive Houses in Dubai 06

This luxury penthouse on the East Crescent has five terraces and an open space concept, making it very modern! This luxury home is the perfect retreat, with an amazing view, clean lines and an amazing view of the sunrise

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